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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sing: Angry Dads - Get 'em Down

Now it really is here!! The new download AngryDads - Get 'em Down  starring new Sting Lad Ryan Torres

Living at home for young college leavers can be fraught with problems. My house my rules is often quoted to the hapless youngster when he starts to take things for granted. When they really aren't listening it's time for alternative action!

One such lad is Harry (New Sting Lad Ryan Torres) He hasn't even tried to get a job and now arrives home some evenings drunk.

Some discipline needs to be instilled and quickly! Nothing works better with Harry than to revert to what would have happened when he was in his early teens.

After being sent to take a shower he's back in the living room stripping off for a good spanking! It's that or find another place to live!

Harry thinks it'll be a pushover now he's bigger but as he strips off he's not so sure and it's more than a bit humiliating to get his pants down now in front of the old man!

A good hard spanking cracks around the room and Harry's muscular bare bottom is starting to burn like fire. However, this time the punishment is to be followed up with something else.

As soon as he sees it Harry knows his backside is going to burn! Out comes the carpet beater but it's not going to connect with a carpet this time but a insolent youth's dangerously exposed bare backside!

Ryan presses can ice pack against his sore bottom in the hope of easing the pain.

But even so, his well punished behind is likely to sting for quite some time to come 


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Thursday, 27 August 2015

BBFC: Sandy

This weekend at BBFC meet Sandy 

Sandy is a new lad and I suppose it is a compliment that he feels relaxed enough around the place to just start to jerk off in the kitchen, or is it that he has no respect for the place. I suspect its the later. 
Stripping naked in kitchen as he plays with himself this is going to have only one end. 
Just after the lad has dumped his stuff all over the floor in comes Craig and steps in it, one very unhappy man.
Sandy is OTK in a flash and his lovely smooth little bum is getting a well deserved spanking.


For a newbie he is taking it well, Craig does not hold back as we all know. 

Not content with a good old fashioned hand spanking OTK, which is always good to see, Craig grabs the bread board and uses it like a paddle to really wake the lad's ideas up. 
A great debut for sandy and I am sure we will be seeing more of this naughty brat

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