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Tuesday, 9 February 2016


This is what the spanker Nick, has to say about this encounter with Jarik:This guy has the sort of bubble butt you don’t see everyday. Its big. Its firm. Its soft. Its super smooth. It's 18 years old – and its super spankable. It drove me a bit crazy. I really spanked this boy hard. It was kinda' effortless, his ass was like a trampoline. You whoop his ass, and it just springs back at you – ripples of his beautiful teenage ass vibrating with each stroke – like watching a movie in slow motion, I cherished each and every moment.

First I had him over my knee with his cute blue little boxer shorts clinging to his ass. They didn’t stay up for long. The producers were like “take your time” but his ass was too good to waste clad in boxers, I just couldn’t wait to feel this big dreamy butt. It was not disappointing. Pulling his boxers down, his ass pointed naturally into the air like a puppy dog digging for a bone.

He wanted me, I could tell, and it soon became obvious I would be able to do anything I wanted to him because of this. I whacked his ass hard. I could fuck this ass, I thought. But hey, that is another story for another day. Watch this space! Before long, his ass was a deep red. Even his brown skin could not hide how sore his butt was.

Links are provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images

Despite Jarik's youthful look, we have verified with Bad-Lads that he is over 18 - proof on file (see below) 

Monday, 8 February 2016

The Spanking Chair - By Leather Strap

Welcome Back to Leather Strap with more of his clever and excitingly erotic creations.

Click on the pictures to see the full sized image

Great to See Leather Strap Back we have missed you!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Kevin - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Kevin has injured his leg and has been given Dr's orders to rest whilst it recovers. Kevin is feeling better though and wants to play football again. He asks his Dad's permission but is told that he must not play until his ankle has fully recovered.

Kevin thinks he knows best and decides to play football anyway.

This was a bad idea as Kevin ends up hurting his leg badly! Oooops!

He phones the football team captain, Sebastian, to apologize and tells Sebastian that his dad will be furious 

Kevin has no choice but to tell his father what has happened, he strips off to his pants, knowing what to expect 

Kevin's father is furious! Really angry!

Dad decides that Kevin needs to learn a lesson and only the belt will do the trick! 
Kevin has to strip off and assume the position across the bed 

Kevin soon learns a real lesson as Dad's belt comes down hard on his bare bottom.

There is no doubt as to how bad the thrashing is the thick red welts develop across Kevin's bottom. 

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 


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