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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Liam: Interviewed and cained

I believe it was Spanking Central who first introduced the idea of interviewing their regular actors, and it can be very effective in giving insight into the actor's personality and motivation. In this video there is a somewhat overdue interview with Liam, who has so far appeared in a number of Spanking Central's videos.

Liam's interview is followed by a bare bottom caning 


Preview Video

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Anthony Returns to Spanking Straight Boys

Anthony Returns Part 1

Anthony is a tall, muscular 20-year-old who appeared in his first spanking video several weeks ago. It turned out that, somehow he had expected a woman to be spanking him. A lot of guys would've walked out at that point, but Anthony stayed and went over Tom's knee.

Tom was not sure if he would see Anthony again. He didn't like the spanking one bit, so Tom was glad to see him return for this video. 


Video Preview

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BBFC: I said "No Olives"

Larry has really messed up this time. Not only has he got an pizza with olives he has eaten the majority of it. The result is exactly what you would expect. Larry ends up OTK and well spanked. He has a great little bum for a spanking and he gets it nicely. It is the price you pay for not listening and then being greedy.



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Monday, 23 May 2016

Back Up site

This is just to remind visitors that we have a back up site, where we can still be fond should anything happen to this blog.

The back up site is located at 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Kevin - Bath Brush Beating

Kevin - Bath Brush Beating

Working for your Dad can sometimes lead to problems. In Kevin's case it has led to an over the knee spanking with the dreaded Bath Brush!

This video starts with Kevin who has sneaked home when he should be at work. He is a young lad and is feeling quite horny! So he decides to take advantage of the wifi connection at home to watch some mucky movies on his phone. Kevin is clearly aroused when undoes his trousers and starts playing with himself.

Kevin was not expecting Dad to come home looking for him and he is caught in the act! How embarrassing!

Dad is furious! He does not pay Kevin to be jerking off when he should be working. Kevin is just humiliated that he was caught. 
After a long lecture the male spanking video really begins when Dad fetches the Bath Brush and tells Kevin there is going to be punishment!
No matter how much Kevin protests Dad does not listen and orders Kevin to lie over his knee. 

Kevin has been spanked many times before but the bath brush brings things to a different level! Even through his jeans it really hurts!

The jeans do not remain on for long though and the spanking and brush beating continue. 

Kevin's protests are in vain, as soon the savage bath brush is battering the seat of his skimpy underpants 

Eventually the underwear is removed and Kevin gets spanked on his bare bottom. 

He is kicking and pleading but Dad continues until he feels the lesson is truly learnt! 

Kevin is left with a very sore bottom and a red face!

Mouse Spank Kevin's sore bottom, or click here, to visit Straight Lads Spanked

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