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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bad Lads: The Cleaner (Part 2)


The Second Set of Pictures from “The Cleaner” detailing what happens to Daddy C's House Boy when he is caught using Daddy C's shower without permission.

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Russian Soldier Oleg's Hand Spanking


20 year old soldier Oleg is new to Rus Straight Guys Spanking. He has a muscled body, with a strong chest and back, and a firm ass - now this straight soldier will be spanked.

The young and tough Russian soldier becomes submissive for the Master, who wants to start the spanking. This soldier will never forget the painful and humiliating feelings of being punished like a young boy. The Master’s hand is strong and he’s doing everything to make the soldier moan and howl. After the spanking Oleg has to kneel, absolutely bare, while the Master admires his beaten red ass.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sting: Retribution (Part 2 of 2)

The second set of pictures from “Retribution

The second lad (Travis McKinnon) was going to try his luck at breaking and entering. 

He too met with disaster when the owner arrived back home to find the young miscreant about to make off with his laptop
Luckily here again a deal was struck, the owner being a fairly compassionate sort. However, he also knew the best way to teach a lad a lesson was to hammer in some common sense, via the rear. 

The boy would be going over the angry house owners knee, bare bottom raised for a good scorching spanking.

Then he is placed in the wheelbarrow position for a continuing and scolding spanking.

But it won't be the end till the clothes bush had been brought to bear, this on an already bare and reddened, well spanked backside. 

All the lad could really do was to howl and take it, if only to keep out of jail for another day!

CLICK HERE for part one and to view or download the preview video

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BBFC: Meet Alexander


Alexander is new to BBFC and new to spanking, he has never been spanked before. He has a little bit of attitude and a little bit of bravado and a cheeky smile, all making him ideal to be spanked of course. Sitting waiting he is a slightly agitated and when he is confronted he tries to blag his way out of things.

This is met by being dragged by the ear to standing up and being told to drop his trousers, not easy as they are skinny fit jeans. He gets a good set OTK with the hand, a good ass to spank.

Then he he is made to wait a while while the leather paddle and the ping pong bat are fetched from the other room. 


This make a difference and somehow he gets his legs spread and we get a spectacular view of his ass and his junk as he s spanked soundly. All in all a superb debut for Alexander 


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