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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Straight Lads Spanked: Parker - Office Bully Spanked

Parker has been caught fiddling the office expenses! The co-worker who caught him gave him an ultimatum, go to Mr X to get punished or the boss gets informed. 

Mr X soon discovers that Parker has been a mean bully and has been terrorising the colleague who caught him stealing. It's time he received some of his own medicine.

Parker, is a cocky and, arrogant young man. Most offices have them! Well in this case you get to see the mean bully brought down to size and given the hard, humiliating, bare bottom over the knee spanking he so clearly deserves!

 A bully about to get his comeuppance

 Starting with a series of resounding smacks on the seat of his smart, snug fitting, suit pants

 Parker begins to realise that spanking stings - and its only just begun

Get that shirt off .................... and now your pants!! 

The thin cotton of Parker's tight underpants offers little protection from Mr, X's remorseless and well practiced palm ...

Now Parker will be spanked hard and long on his, already burning and bright red, bare bottom - the ultimate humiliation

 Now he's really feeling it!! 

 But Mr. X has only just started

Kicking his legs like a naughty child

 Attitude Adjustment!
Comment by JockSpank: "Believe me, after the first couple of minutes you will really want to see Parker get spanked, and when he does there is a really satisfying sense of pleasure at seeing this smug arrogant bully getting his just deserts.

The transition from a cocky swaggering bully to a contrite, red bottomed, and very sorry for himself brat will leave most spanking fans ready to cheer!
- certainly one of Mr. X's most deserving victims
Mouse spank Parker's well punished bare bottom, or CLICK HERE, for a preview video and further details

Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images 

East Europe Boys Clips #1

The first of this week's two updates from East Europe Boys.  Links are provided below for the convenience of visitors, and to respect East Europe Boys intellectual ownership. 

After the previous whipping Pavel is still interviewed. Then he is again whipped severely with a nine-tailed whip, putting a strain on his endurance level.


Petr was with another girl, and had a fight with his girlfriend. To make amends, he needs a hundred red roses, but do not have the money to buy them, and he thought of going to his master. Petr tells what happened, and the master agrees to help him, but he has to pay a heavy pledge, and shows him the belt. Petr accepts, knowing what to expect. Then the master ordering him to undress, and then receiving a hard spanking with the belt over the master's knee. Then Spanked by hand while standing, with his hands behind his head.


JUSTIS (part 1)
The master catches Justis listening to music when he should be studying . The master angry, orders Justis to undress, then he receives a vigorous and painful spanking with a short leather strap first over the master's knee, and later standing while showing his muscles. 


Links provided to respect the intellectual property rights of the creator these images