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Monday, 1 September 2014

More of TJ at Spanking Boys

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A selection of Images from MancSpank (Part 1)

 A further selection of images from previous MancSpank releases

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sting Raw - Adam Army

 I​n the days of junior soldier’s regiments the intention was to train younger lads to become the regular army NCOs and leaders of the future. Discipline was a very important part of their training and a great deal of leeway was used to prepare good records for their future careers. To achieve this off the record punishment was often used and in the long term would benefit the young trainees.

Trooper Carter (Adam Ashton) was in a junior mounted regiment and doing fairly well in his training although his addiction for suddenly going AWOL (absent without leave) had finally got him into deep trouble.
His CO and troop NCO were exasperated! However not wanting to have his record blemished by a charge Carter had opted for corporal punishment.
As a cavalry regiment one instrument always at hand was the long training whip. Usually applied to the buttocks of stubborn horses it was equally successful when used on the bare backsides of insolent young troopers.

Carter bore its burning lash well but it was to be followed up by the boy’s cat, a left over kept and used in the regiment since Victorian times. The six leather thong’s of this formidable instrument were scorching and soon had young Trooper Carter yelping.

The punishment over, the CO leaves the gun room however Carters training NCO is far from satisfied. This hapless cadet had brought shame on his platoon. Even though his bottom is very sore and burning after the whipping the NCO quickly takes Carter across his knee like a naughty boy and spanks his recently whipped bare bottom red raw!

Too big to be spanked not likely, one way or another this wayward trooper will see the error of his ways!



Straight Lads Spanked - Movie Release Vote

Straight Lads Spanked have again offered their members the chance to vote what the next site update will be, from a selection of three 


Parker - Office Bully Spanked
A handsome but arrogant office bully is sent to Mr. X to learn the error of his ways, by means of a very sore bottom. 


Spanking Competition (Part 2) Wayne and Fred
Wayne, the winner of part one, takes on Fred in a competition to determine who can take the hardest and longest bare bottom spanking 


Wayne and Adam - Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (Part 2)
 In Part One Wayne and Adam's bare bottoms were soundly spanked, now the two naughty boys nervously wait for Adam's Dad to return from work to impose the second part of their punishment, with his belt!

Which is your favourite? Only members of Straight Lads Spanked can vote, but why not visit the site by CLICKING HERE to read the discussion as they decide which one will win
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World War I Spanking - Photoshopped by Mark

Being ever topical and in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the madness which was World War I, everyone's favorite Computer Artist Mark has uncovered this original and, very on topic image from the period, depicting British and French soldiers spanking a German soldier in a very suitable manner.

Annd here is the same image, to which Mark has added his own unmistakable touch!