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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

SoupGoblin's pants are coming down

With 8 voting days to go it is not looking good for bad boy SoupGoblin, if the current trend continues the careless young pup will be paying for his speeding offence with at least one, or more probably many severe bare butt spankings.

According to the poll in the right hand column of this blog, so far less that 1% have voters have voted that SoupGoblin receive a non-spanking punishment and chosen the "Probation" option (that is a single individual, whom it has been suggested may be SoupGoblin himself attempting to thwart justice). Despite the young miscreant's plea, nobody has voted for a fine, while 35% have voted that he should be spanked in front of the open court, and a massive 52% of voters believe he should be spanked three times a week for the next six months (a sentence I personally believe would be appropriate, but I would not seek to influence voters)

It is starting to look as if SoupGoblin's fate is sealed. However, even at this late hour things can change. According to the web statistics, this blog averages 800 to 1,000 visitors a day, if enough of you vote for Probation or a fine, you could still change the result.

So it's up to you, will you vote to save the handsome delinquent from, shame, humiliation, pain, his own page on YouTube and appearance on Sore Bottomed Guys? Or will you support the majority vote and endorse what is beginning to look inevitable, and ensure that SoupGoblin's butt gets the sound spanking so many appear to believe it deserves?


  1. Spanked three times a week for six monthes... I'd neither like to influence voters... What will remain of his butts ? Maybe... I think... Just a good & firm spanking in front of the court could be enough ! Think it over guys !!! OK ?

  2. Oddly enough, withing five minutes of making that post the majority in favour of three times a week had increased from 52% to 53%!!

    Don't worry about SoupGoblin's butt Fabrice, it is quite firm (a result of gripping the seat when speeding) so it will not wear away that quickly!

    Also, I am sure someone will volunteer to run soothing lineament into it between spankings!!

  3. Still only one person has voted for a non-spanking penalty.

    Me thinks Soup's ass is toast

  4. It it's that so... I'm willing to look after his butt between spankings !!!

  5. Hey guys, just remember . . . if I get a permanently blistered ass, how will I be able to sit at my computer desk to submit photos to the group? Think on THAT when you cast your ballot!

    (hey, resorting to blackmail is fair game, right?)

    And thanks Fabrice, I'll keep that in mind. ;P

  6. Imagine annoucing to the court his spanking sentence. The red face and swirming bottom of a certain Mr Goblin.
    And the other young speeders desperate that this doesnt catch on. And a few dads and coaches smirk and think hum?
    Imagine his spankings described to the court.

    1st friday night say 730 or so over the knee bare bottom when other guys are going out on the town.
    2nd Monday morning before his day begins.
    very hard very sore red butt will a certain "boy" have.
    3rd whenever.
    Hes not going to know when or where or how or who going to be there.
    The faces gone red, the bottoms swirming a little, wet.
    Mr SoupGoblin needs to go to the bathroom real bad!

  7. I have to say after reading Soupgoblins last comment it sounds as if he has learned nothing. He is now resorting to blackmail. He definately needs spanked in open court as well as 3 a week for 6 months. A Youtube page a a section on Sore Bottomed Guys is a must. I'm not sure what your thinking, Soupgoblin. You need to learn one way or another and if that means having your firm, bare, round bottom blistered then that's how it must be.