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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Assume the position!


  1. love this set of pics

    lots of material for those with photoshop skills ;)

  2. Great set but the last one with the guy who has the black thong around his ankles, meaty cheeks spread & hole exposd and open is my favorite. Very sexy!

  3. ClubLads my favorite

  4. I,perhaps am one of the few who even in teen yrs still got my bare butt paddled over the knee--just cause that is how it was growing up--It was the same for my brothers--we never just stood and bent over like these guys---It seemed to not be a big thing to us as we were teen agers---Bending over would be more grown up-I guess

  5. Over 40 yrs ago in high school football--we had to bend our naked butts over right in front of the coach when he was going to paddle us---It was humiliating--though your team mates saw you naked every day--it was different when you had to bend your butt over in front of them---I do not recall ever seeing guys open crack and hole---I do not think mine was open when it was my turn---I am curioius---Do the guys pictured with an open crack and hole in these pics--have their butt open on purpose---or do some guys just have a crack that is showing when they got to bend over to get paddled?