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Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Nettle Birching by - Sting Pictures

Young and handsome Jay feels a sting in the tail (multiple stings in fact) in the infamous nettle birching scene from Instruments of Persuasion 2 by Sting Pictures.

While Instruments of Persuasion Part 1 examined the the more usual instruments used to inflict corporal punishment, Instruments of Persuasion 2 looked at some of the imaginative and less common means of delivering a painful lesson to the bottom of a miscreant young man.

In this instance the natural and painful sting of the wild nettle was put to good use on young Jay's tender and bare behind. I have it on good authority that Jay's bottom was still stinging many hours after this scene was shot.

Nettle birchings were apparently common in France where this scene was set

Instruments of Persuasion 2 (DVD)
Instruments of Persuasion 2 (Download)
Sting at Mans Hand (DVDs For US customers)

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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

R.C. at "Reluctant Young men" #2

Here are some screen grabs of the hot and handsome R.C. over Coach Rich's knee in Spanked Athletes III which I do recommend. As in The New Boss, R.C. takes a long, hard, and obviously painful spanking very well. In this one I love the way that he looks pleadingly over his shoulder at the camera, it is really sexy to see.

Note: I have no connection with Reluctant Young but have enjoyed a number of their recent downloads, so I am spreading the news.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

R.C. at "Reluctant Young men" #1

I recently downloaded a couple of scenes from Reluctant young men featuring a really hot guy called R.C. and they were excellent. R.C. is great to look at and he can really take a spanking, here are some screen grabs of him being spanked by his new boss Scott (who is also quite hot) is n Working Men.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Two Coaches + one unlucky jock = one well toasted tail

" You are in big trouble now boy!!"


Paddling Brody

"Aw come boss can't we deal with this some other way?" groaned Brody "The last time you paddled me, I couldn't sit down for two days!"

"That's the idea Brody." Snarled the boss "I've had enough of you sitting down on the job, and you will not be able to after I have finished with you!"

Soon the room was echoing to the sound of of wooden paddle on bare skin as Brody was taught a long overdue lesson "OWW!" wack! "OUCH!" WACK! "YEEOWWWW! WACK!

The Boss, who had been looking forward to disciplining his lazy employee didn't stop until one set of Brody's cheeks were wet with tears, and the other set (his bare behind) glowed like two little red tomatoes