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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The face tells the story

One of my favourite parts of a Spanking movie is watching the expressions on the boy's face as he receives his punishment, which is why I just love this picture of Seth, taken from his latest video at Spanking Central

Spanked in the Shower

Scott Peterson Gives Eddie Perez a hot Wet Spanking in the Filmco video Spanking Master Part 3

(No not THAT Scott Peterson, this was the 1980's ex-Playgirl model Scott Peterson.)

Rough and Russian

Some more post-Soviet punishment from Spanking Twinks

Ear pulling

One of our correspondents regularly writes to ask if any new Sting videos include an "ear pulling" scene, well, I can confirm that Borstal Correction 2 (Back inside) does include a brief scene where "Adams" played by Brad, does get his ear pulled as he is lead to his punishment. (Screen shots below)

Monday, 27 April 2009

Sting bonus scenes

As Ward mentioned previously Sting have released the first batch of Downloads on DVD this includes "Paul's Bad Report Card", "Borstal Correction 1", "Delivered by Hand", "The Bully", "Approved Education 1" and "Sticks and Stones" However, they have also added to bonus scenes featuring James B, Damon, David and a rather scary looking birch. Here are some images from those downloads

Downloads on DVD

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Borstal Correction 2 (Back Inside) - A new download from Sting

Out today! Borstal Correction 2 - back inside is the latest download from Sting Pictures, Staring Brad, David, Danny and Brett, not to mention the indefatigable good fortune blessed Rich and Rob.

Description: Following the first download story Borstal Correction, now follows Borstal correction 2. In this story Sting lads Danny, Brad, David and Brett play young inmates Haines, Adams, Roberts and Stevens. Rainsford Borstal is run on strict lines and any infringement of the rules is met with a swift response by the Governor (Dr Barton) Out of the four lads we feature inside its Adams who never seems to get the message. Apart from an official birching ordered by the governor he is no stranger to receiving a good spanking and the cane from the senior officers. Haines and Roberts too encounter the cane and strap for various offences of indiscipline while Stevens night time pillow fighting gets him a good spanking from the deputy Governor. Not deterred by this young Stevens seems determined to test the Governors patience and ends up having to choose between loss of remission or a harsh sentence of corporal punishment. What’s his final decision? It’s all in this new hot and CP action packed story Borstal Correction 2 back inside.

Borstal Correction 2 - back inside