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Sunday, 2 August 2009

Spank This -Tommy's garage tanning ( Part 1)

Paul Pratt gives Tommy Anders' pert little tail a well deserved tanning as punishment for borrowing the car without permission, in Scene 3 - Pauls Spanks Tommy from "When Sterne's away the boys will play" by Spank This, in association with Helix Studios

This one comes highly recommended

To be continued ...............

When Sterne's away the boys will play
Paul Spanks Tommy
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  1. cute blond Tommy has the ultimate spanking bottom.

  2. This is a great video. Does anyone have any idea of Tommy is going to be doing any more videos for them?

  3. Tommy is one of the most Spankable actors around, certainly at Spank This. I would like to see him naked except for a T-Shirts and white sports socks, thrown butt up over a teacher or coach's knee and spanked and spanked with a slipper until he cries, in front of a laughing and cheering football team.

    That way both sets of his cheeks with be glowing pink.

  4. Or as an older brother spanked bare butt, and straight out of the shower, in front of his younger brother .... and his younger brother's buddies ... all of whom have cellphones (which can film the scene) and then all his pants are confiscated.

    .............. I need to lie down

  5. Never mind Tommy Tanner; what about Paul Pratt - apart from the name, he's pretty damn hot.

  6. Unfortunately, I don't think Paul Pratt has ever taken a spanking, at least, to my knowledge, he hasn't on film. He has handed out quite a few though.

  7. Would love to see Tommy fucked by Paul after this spanking.

  8. There is something about Tommy which causes my most sadistic fantasies to start stirring.

  9. can anyone post a link to this video?

    1. Here it is on the Spank This site
      you will need to join to view it - I don't know if it is available elsewhere