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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

Memories of a Folsom Summer

In the deep mid-winter we remembers summers past and what a very lucky man the artist Copper is each summer. Not only is he one of the world's best known and most recognisable spanking artists, but he also gets to appear in MansHand Movies (often playing a strict paddle wielding cop) and each year he is the star attraction at the Mans Hand booth in Folsom Street, where he spanks a succession of random passing hunks.

Copper certainly got the right career advice! Here he is warming the behind of a particularly fine specimen of passing hunk. (Envious? Moi?)

The propper use of a flipFlop - (or "Thong" to our Aussie readers)

Only two pictures in this set unfortunately, but fun all the same

Franco Spankables

The Spanking artist Franco sent us these wonderful Spankables to wish JockSpankers a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Sting

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Spanking Paybacks - Sterne spanks Alec

Sterne takes Alec in hand in a scene from Spanking Paybacks from SpankThis!.

For my own taste Alec needs to put on a few pounds, however, I am sure many visitors will find a lot to enjoy from this set of pictures. The relevant links are at the bottom of this posting

Video Trailer

Spanking Paybacks

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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sting Lads - a focus on Jay (Part 2)

Continuing the two part appreciation of popular sting lad Jay, in a further scene from Asian Incident, we find him naked and sore, at the stinging end of a cruel looking cane, in a very convincing punishment scene.

In the 1900 House of Correction (Part of the Sting Double Bill) Jay, playing a Victorian youth, was back over a vaulting horse receiving another well deserved strapping.

A sore bottom and film star good looks, a perfect combination

Probably Jay's most famous role was in Instruments of Persuasion Part 2 when playing a young French thief he received a bare bottom birching with a bunch of stinging nettles (OUCH!)

A nettle rash like that will have stung for quite a while after the birching was over

As Jays wonderful display of discomfort clearly testified

Further images from the Nettle Birching can be found here

Sadly all boys must grow up, and in Jay's last role for Sting, in the download Approved Education Part One he switched roles and played a young school master handing out spankings and slipperings to two naughty schoolboys played by Ginger and Harry

Jay gave a very competent performance in an unaccustomed role

However, most of us fondly remember Jay as the nervous young miscreant with the nettle stung bottom!

Jay has not appeared in any recent Sting movies, and may have now moved on to other things in life. However, whatever he is doing, I am sure we all wish him well, as he has given us a great deal of pleasure as one of the most delightful of the Sting Lads.

Asian Incident
Sting Double Bill
Instruments of Persuasion Part 2
Approved Education

Sting at Mans Hand Films - (DVDs for US users)

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