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Monday, 4 January 2010

Bad Boy Brett's Borstal Birching

In a further scene from Sting download "Borstal Correction 2 - Back inside" Brett as Stevens has broken the rules too often, and is given a choice of losing remission or taking a severe birching. He opts for the birching, and lives to regret that decision.

The images below only show a small number of the birch stokes Brett takes . but he takes a lot in this scene and must have been very sore afterwards (as will Brad, who also took a Birching in the same download)

I know Dr. Barton, the lucky man seen disciplining Brett in this scene is an occasional visitor to this blog, and I am sure we would all appreciate his reminiscences of this scene if he cares to share them.

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  1. Brett is the hottest Sting model EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No contest!!!!
    I hope he's got shares in Sting Pictures!

  2. I agree with Ty.

  3. I agree with Anon agressing with Ty :D

    Brett or anyone in contact with Brett please let him know how much we enjoy his work

  4. Confused;is this a re-post of an old film?

  5. Yes Borstal Correction 2 was released in 2008, but those particular pictures are new grabs.

  6. Thank you for your remarks about this scene and the invitation to say something about it.
    It was filmed in October 2008 in Prague and, as ever, it was great to work with Brett. He's a great lad, easy to work with and takes a severe whacking very much in his stride.
    It's always difficult to judge the balance between dialogue and 'action' in these scenes. Too much talk gets boring, also none of us are professional actors. On the other hand I think it's important to set a context and even, perhaps, to suggest some character. Dare I suggest that a succession of bare bottoms and whacking with no dialogue or context can also get abit boring! Personally I enjoy the look of apprehension on a boys face when he realises he's in for a spanking or whacking - it's the old waiting outside the Head's study routine! We tried to put abit more 'character' into this scene by giving Stevens the choice of loss of remission or the birch.
    As I say, Brett always takes it well.
    Looking at the scene now, I wish I'd ended it by shaking his hand and saying something like 'Well taken lad', again, to try and show some context and that the punishment was intended to help Stevens mend his ways in the future as well as a punishment for past misdemeanours.
    Dr. Barton

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