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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Definitive Jock

"Definitive" may be an exaggeration, however, thanks to Helmut for what must be the most complete collection of images from this classic Studio 7 photo-shoot from a quarter of a century, or more, ago. Sadly as far as I know this session was a photo-shoot and was not filmed, so no video is available. However, maybe one day one of the studios might re-create what is certainly an iconic scene (are you listening Sting, Spanking Central, MancSpank and Mans Hand?).

Studio 7 made a number of spanking videos in the 1980's including the classic "Abide by my rules", and I understand their back catalogue is still available, however, I do not have their website address, if someone can send it to me, I will be happy to link to them.

Studio 7 Catalogue cover circa 1980's


This photo set pre-dates 18.USC.5527 requirements


  1. I've loved this photo set for probably more than a decade, and this posting has images in it that I've never seen before. Outstanding post! Thanks so much!

  2. These "vintage" photos are pretty incredible! It often seems like older spanking images have that certain something that today's photography often lacks. . . . . .

  3. Holy shit, looks just like me gettin whipped by my old man, real familiar settings-just like home! And my ass burned from his hand, the hairbrush, and I usually got it with his belt!

  4. This has always seemed to me to have the quality of a Norman Rockwell illustration. Very homey, nice normal looking people, depicting a normal activity of an earlier, simpler age--a caring dad spanking a bad boy over his lap barebottomed. The best that are out there.

  5. This has always seemed to me to be like a Norman Rockwell illustration. A nice homey room, bed or couch, two nice normal-looking people, dad and son, in short-- total Americana. It takes me back to an earlier age when there was nothing more normal or common than a dad taking his wayward son over his lap for a good barebottomed spanking.

  6. Classic, and so real! Those of us growing up in this time period remember the bare assed spankings by Dad! This guy looks so much like my brother, could almost be him1 The 2 of us were often over Dad's knee, in both the living room and Mom and His bedroom,or our own! When one of us got "it" the other was at home, Dad made us watch!Not really embarressing, cause we alwasy saw each other naked, but a clear reminder of who would be next!

  7. anonymous -The clips were Classic and took us down Memory lane .Thanks it was great

  8. These belong to the best, most realistic dad/son spanking pics I've ever had the pleasure to look at (again and again). Absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for giving us all (?) known pictures of these two series!

    Blackfield II

  9. I'm so glad to have found these today. T hanks so much for posting! Thank you Helmut.

  10. stephen.exall@gmail.com10 December 2013 at 23:16

    My own dad carried out these old-fashioned bare-bottom spankings on me in my mid-late teens in the late 60s/early 70s. I hated getting my trousers and underpants taken down-a powerful mixture of pain and humiliation. Somehow, however, a good spanking did work !