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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sting - The Discipline Chronicles

Sting have now transferred a further batch of earlier downloads to DVD called "The Discipline Chronicles"

The downloads now available on this DVD are:

African Academy Stars Barry as African schoolboy Zachariah who with his friend Ezekiel learn the price of disobedience at a strict place of education one of the far flung corners of the old Empire


Approved Education Part 2 is a smoking hot mixture of British and Czech Sting Lads stars Brett, Barry David, Brad and Stefanal who go back to the days when discipline meant a sore bottom and get an inside view of life at Court Leamington where the sound of slipper, strap, tawes, cane and hand spanking echo round the walls

(Fans of Brett should note that he is on the sore bottomed receiving end of three of the above options in this one story)


In Three For the Gym, Clifton Heath College students Wheeler, Sanderson and Bailey soon learn how to behave after facing the deputy head Mr Hewitson.


The fourth feature on The Discipline Chronicles is "The Making of a Gentleman" which stars Darren as the son of an Edwardian family who is sent to the Carnfield Institute run by the venerable Colonel James Templeton Lee. He has a legendary reputation for putting the wayward sons of gentlefolk back on to the straight and narrow. The movie also features James B.


In "Discipline for Joe" it is handsome young Danny's bare behind which is in the firing line. Danny plays Joe Harrison a final year student whose mind is set on other things rather than preparing for Exams. Mr McGinn, decides to take up the problem with Joes strict Uncle. As a result Danny gets his tail tanned in three separate session and (as we see in the scene below) learns that slippers can have other functions in addition to keeping your toes warm. In other scenes Danny finds himself over the vaulting horse in the gym, and, of course over uncle's knee

Bonus scene: As with the earlier Downloads on DVD disc, The Discipline Chronicles" also includes a bonus 1900 scene "Whipped into Shape"

Sting DVDs are available from Mans Hand Films for US customers

Links to the Sting and Mans Hand 18.USC.2257 declarations are in the right hand column


  1. Discipline for Joe is really hot, in fact all of this collection is superb

  2. Brett is SO hot

  3. This DVD would be worth the money for Approved Education alone, fantastic performance from Brett (who must have gone home with a sore bum after that), Barry (who takes a really severe strapping from Dr. Barton) Stefanol (with that incredible butt) and David (the classic stark naked OTK spanking)

    Its Sting at its best, I really really recommend it

  4. I will buy it, but for the time being I'm just having fun clicking on Brett's butt

  5. @ Laddspanker

    You forgot Brad, he's also in AE2 and he always takes a good hard spanking