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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Interview with a Spanker - Dr. Barton

I have recently had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of the actor, best known as Dr. Richard Barton who has appeared in a large number of Sting Movies and has recently appeared in a production by MancSpank (with more to come I believe).

Whilst working with Sting he has appeared in various roles in many of their movies and downloads from “Tales from St. Datchets Academy” through to “Refornmatory USA” and “The Headmaster”, playing either Dr. Barton, Mr. Andrews or of course 'The Governor'. As the strict and magically sarcastic disciplinarian, Richard Barton has been lucky enough to leave his mark on the bare behinds of many of the most iconic of Sting's young actors, in some classic and unforgettable scenes.

Richard Barton has been kind enough to agree to let me interview him, and here is the result. I am sure you will enjoy my interview with a particularly lucky spanker.

Interview with Dr Barton


Ward: Dr. Barton, you are fast becoming quite an iconic figure for the spanking community following your work with Sting, and more recently with MancSpank, as you appear very experienced and proficient at what you do. Have you always had an interest in spanking and corporal punishment?

Dr Barton: ‘Iconic’ is a bit daunting! I just thought I was doing it because it was fun!

My earliest memory of being ‘turned on’ by corporal punishment was aged 8 at primary school when the teacher did a history lesson called ‘Going to school in Tudor times’. She used an illustration from a magazine called ‘Look and Learn’ which showed a stern master wielding a birch and a boy bending over in the classroom. I remember thinking ‘That’s good, I like that!’ When the lesson was over I asked if I could borrow the magazine and took it home to examine it more closely…

Look and Learn the educational comic magazine

The rest is, as they say, history!

Most of the ‘Look and Learn’ material is now available on the web including ‘my’ picture. It’s still good!

Ward: Are you part of the spanking community in real life?

Dr Barton: Yes, I have a particular young friend who enjoys the school/CP scene and I attend ‘Boys and Sirs’ in London when I can. I’m also happy to visit or entertain at home people who want some ‘cheeky fun’.


Dr. Barton with Brett in Approved Education 2

Ward: You make a very effective movie disciplinarian as you have a very strong screen presence and manage to convey a sense of controlled menace, which I am sure a bad boy would find quite intimidating. How much of the Dr. Barton or Mr. Andrews we see on screen is you, and how much is acting?

Dr Barton: Thank you for saying that. In a sense it’s all acting and all me at the same time because actors reach inside themselves to use aspects of themselves to create a character.

In the Sting/MancSpank films I find that assertive, authoritarian side of my nature and let that, hopefully, lead me into the character and it seems to work.

I also quite enjoy playing the role of sarcastic bastard, it’s very satisfying!


Ward: How did you first start working with Sting and what are your views on their work?

The birching scene from Gray Shorts
click to view a slightly larger image

Dr Barton: Back in the days of video I bought ‘Skool Days Diary : Grey shorts I’ from Sting and was very impressed at the quality. I had seen some spanking videos but, frankly, most of them were awful! Then I saw ‘Grey shorts’ and it was on a different planet in terms of authenticity and production values. Also, the lads in that video were great, and the canings etc. laid on very well. There is a particular scene where Brett gets a birching which is still, in my opinion, one of the best scenes Sting have done.

Dr. Barton with Lee in Tales from St Datchets Academy

Anyway, I was fairly new to the scene, but ‘up for new experiences’ so I wrote to Sting, enclosed my picture and offered my services as a Master. To my amazement and delight they replied and said ‘yes’! My first filming session with Sting ended up as the final scene of ‘Tales from St. Datchet’s Academy’.

Ward: As you have worked so much with Sting, most of the movies you have appeared in feature “English” style discipline from the 1950's and 60's, do you find that genre particularly appealing yourself?

Dr Barton: Very much so, I love the whole 1940/1950s retro thing, the clothes, and traditional school etc. I find old wooden desks very appealing and the feel of chalk on my fingers! I would have loved to have been a schoolmaster back then in a traditional school.


Ward: You have appeared in a number of Sting Movies, such as “Approved Education” I and 2, “Borstal Correction”, “Instruments of Persuasion”, “Sticks and Stones”, “Reformatory USA” and “The Headmaster”, do you have a favourite movie, or movie scene you particularly enjoyed, and could you tell us why it was so enjoyable?

With Ginger in Sticks and Stones
Click on image to see a larger version

Dr Barton: I still think the first scene I did for Sting, which ended up in St. Datchet’s, where I wield the birch, is in many ways the best thing I’ve done. My own personal favourite is spanking Ginger in ‘Sticks and stones’. I have abit of a ‘thing’ for ginger hair and Ginger was very ginger! He was a likeable, cute lad with a lovely smackable bottom. Filming that scene was a very nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


With Rusty in The Headmaster

Ward: You are known for having a very firm hand, and I am sure that any boy who has been spanked by you knows he has been spanked, is that merely part of your screen persona or do you actively seek to test a boy to his limits?

Dr Barton: I wouldn’t say I want to test boys to their limits, but I do believe that if you are going to spank someone you should do it properly and for real. I can’t see the point of silly tapping! All the boys who work for Sting and MancSpank are told exactly what is going to happen and a lot of time is spent with them before filming begins to make sure that they understand what they are letting themselves in for etc. Also, the punishment scenes are not usually filmed as ‘one offs’, there are pauses during filming to reposition cameras etc. At those moments the lad being punished gets a breather and everyone usually asks if they are OK and want to carry on etc. I’ve never known a lad not want to carry on!

Barry takes a severe belting in Approved Education 2

On the authenticity thing, I think it’s also worth remembering that the people who buy these DVDs and downloads are not stupid, they know when a spanking or whacking is being faked and they deserve better than that. When I do it, I do it for real.

Ward: I am sure it must have been a lot of fun working with the Sting crew, do you have any stories or anecdotes you would like to share with JockSpank?

Assault on the Governor in Reformatory USA

Dr Barton: One which springs to mind was film with Ron, Reggie and Tigger for ‘Reformatory USA’. There’s a scene during a dorm inspection where Ron and Reggie turn on me (playing the Governor) and beat me up. They were both big, strong lads, quite capable of beating me to a pulp, so I was alittle concerned! However, it was all planned and the scene was filmed, they went for me and I crashed to the floor. Rich O’Shea then said ‘Great, can we do that again…’ so I crash to the floor for a second time.

By the fourth take I said ‘I think you need a stunt Governor!’ as I was rather bruised by this point! In the end we took five takes of that scene.
"I get my own back on the three lads"

However, if you’ve seen the DVD, I get my own back on the three lads!

Perhaps people who haven’t been in on a shoot don’t realise how much fun and laughter there is in the ‘studio’ whilst it’s all going on.


Ward: In a question I asked you on the StingLad's group you listed the Sting Actors you most enjoyed working with, would you mind repeating your comments for JockSpank and telling us more about the young men who's bottoms you have had the good luck to punish?


Dr Barton: The answer to that has to be Ginger in ‘Sticks and stones’. He was a nice lad with wonderful hair, a very spankable bottom and was very brave and ‘took it all like a man’ even though he was then very new to it then.

I have very fond memories of Ginger and hope he is OK.

Bad lads caught up to no good in St Datchet's Academy

Then there was Lee and Nick in ‘Tales from St. Datchet’s’. This was the first CP scene Lee had done and he was great. I felt rather sorry for him as he was thrown in at the deep end having to face a birching from me! But he took it all like a man and it was a very effective scene. Nick was his boyfriend who had just come along for the ride but was persuaded to put on a school uniform and take part in the scene. He doesn’t get whacked, but his presence adds so much to that scene and the chemistry between Nick and Lee is excellent.

There’s James and Harry, James is very professional about it all and has done some scenes where he’s dishing it out and does it very well. I will admit, I always enjoy watching James, whatever he’s in. I switched James and Harry in ‘Reformatory USA’. Harry’s a really nice lad, always a pleasure to work with and can take it really hot. I give him a good caning in one of the ‘Approved Education’ downloads. I thought he was only getting 12, so laid it on quite crisp, until I was told that actually it was 18…! I decided to ease off just a little, but Harry took it all in his stride!

Brett and Dr. Barton

Naturally I cannot answer this question without mentioning the ‘terrible trio’ – Brett, Matt and Tigger! What can I say! Certainly they are all larger than life characters and when you’re working with any of these lads there’s rarely a dull moment, they are always up to something! I only filmed with Matt and Tigger once, but it was quite memorable! Brett is in a class of his own, a tough, handsome lad and a real pro. I’m glad to say that after all the canings and birchings I’ve given him he is still speaking to me!

With Rowan and Sebastian in "The Headmaster"

Regarding the Czech lads, I must mention Rusty, Rowan and Sebastian who were in ‘The Headmaster’. Sebastian’s a real case, a cheerful, cheeky lad with a wonderful bottom for spanking. Rowan I was very impressed with as ‘The Headmaster’ was about the first CP thing he’d done and the caning he and Sebastian received was tough. Yet Rowan took it all in his stride. He and Sebastian are friends and I think that comes through in the film and makes it very effective. Rusty impressed me as he just looked so much like an older schoolboy in his uniform. I enjoyed wielding that slipper very much.

The ones that got away

The lads I’m sorry I’ve never had a chance to work with are the legendary Paul, Jamie, who took the nettle birching, and David, who is another one with a bottom especially designed for spanking.

But I think it’s important to say that all the lads I’ve worked with have been great. They are all individuals and bring their own unique contributions to the films. They agree to bare their bottoms and take authentic, hard spankings and whackings for our pleasure and we should not forget this. One of the good things about both Sting and MancSpank is that there is an obvious respect for the lads and a determination to treat them fairly.


Ward: You have used many different “Instruments of persuasion” in the various movies you have made, the cane on Brett, Ginge and Harry in the “Approved Education” series, the birch on Brett's upturned behind in “Borstal Correction 2”, The strap on young Barry in Approved education 2, the paddle on Matt Mills in “Reformatory USA”, the hickory switch on James in the same movie and of course the slipper on Rusty in “The HeadMaster”. Do you have a favourite instrument with which you prefer to leave your mark on the young male behind and can you explain why?

Caning Rowan in the Headmaster

Dr Barton: The think the traditional crook-handled cane must come first. It is so redolent of traditional, English school. Although I was never caned at school I am old enough to remember classmates who were and sometimes the Headmaster at senior school would appear at assembly with his cane when he wanted to make a particular point. I can always remember getting excited when he did that!

Spanking Matt Mills in Reformatory USA

Next is a good old-fashioned spanking. It’s so simple, all you need is a chair to sit on, a boy over your lap and a bare bottom to spank! I have recently grown to enjoy the slipper and hairbrush for spanking, they make boys squirm and yelp and give my hand a break when it starts to hurt during a prolonged spanking.


Ward: Do you have a particular fantasy scenario which you would like to see filmed and perhaps appear in yourself?

A seventeenth century schoolroom with lots of dark wooden desks and panelling. At the front is a large desk for me, the schoolmaster. I am dressed in black cap and gown and next to the desk is the birching horse, with a birch rod lying across it. In a basket in the corner of the classroom is a collection of freshly made birches.

The boys are seated at their desks, sweating over their Latin primers. A few of them are already sitting rather gingerly as they have made silly mistakes in their compositions and taken a trip across the horse to have their bare bottoms crispy swished with the stinging twigs – what bliss!


Ward: How important do you think humiliation is in a fantasy spanking scenario? (eg: a bully being spanked in front of his victim, an arrogant youth punished in an embarrassing situation etc.)

With Brett in Borstal Correction 2

I think it definitely has a place, and any spanking or caning is inherently humiliating for the recipient, that’s part of the punishment. But I don’t think it should be taken too far and become humiliation for humiliations sake because that’s not what this scene is about. If in doubt I would ask myself if such an action is authentic in, say, a school/borstal/cadet school environment of the 1940s or 1950s?

What is very arousing is the idea of ‘comeuppance’, as you say, a bully being spanked in front of his victims or an arrogant youth bare bottomed and spanked until he cries in front of his mates, or the lad who thinks he’s too old to be spanked finding out it’s not so… the whole idea of cocky lads being taken down a peg or two, that sort of thing is very satisfying and very arousing


Ward: Do you think humour can be appropriate in a spanking scenario, or do you prefer the scenes to be played seriously?

Feeling the heat in "Thou shalt not Steal" by MancSpank

Dr Barton: I think some humour sometimes can make a welcome change. In the download I did with MancSpank (Thou shalt not steal) we played it abit camp when I was watching Gavin being spanked by his step-father – moving my chair for a better view, mopping my brow as I get overheated etc.

I would like to do a download in the style of a 1940s newsreel called ‘How to cane schoolboys : a Ministry of Education training film’. It would be in grainy black and white, with jolly music in the background and a very well spoken narrator etc, all done as a bit of fun. I think sometimes we can all be so grim and serious in these films, it’s the nature of the genre, I know, but it should be possible to ‘subvert the genre’ gently and affectionately from time to time.


Thou Shalt Not Steal

Ward: As you just indicated, you have recently appeared in a movie made by MancSpank and I believe you plan to do some more work with them, would you like to give us your views on their work and tell us why you agreed to work with them?

Dr Barton: I saw some of their stuff and whilst it’s not as ambitious as the Sting material I got the impression that they were making an effort. They seem to understand what their strengths are and are playing to them. Also, they seemed to like the whole school/domestic thing, which is very much my scene.

MancSpank's Stuart in action

Dr Barton: I was also very impressed with Stuart’s spankings! He really tans the boys’ hides!!! He’s one of the most accomplished spankers I’ve ever seen.

So I approached them to see if they would be interested and I am very glad to say that they were and we filmed ‘Thou shalt not steal’ back in September.

Ward: Can you give us any hints as to what future projects you have planned with MancSpank

Dr Barton: I’m just a humble actor so am not privy to the high level discussions as to future plans! Seriously, we have kicked around some ideas and I expect you might be seeing the return of Dr B as Headmaster, Principal, Governor or even naughty vicar in the not too distant future.

This might be a good moment to make a plea to your readers: MancSpank are seeking venues for filming in the Manchester/Welsh Border/North West area. If anyone has such a place which has a suitable space for a Headmaster’s study, classroom etc and would like to offer it please get in-touch with Stuart at MancSpank, thank you.

Ward: Are there any other Spanking studios who's work you particularly enjoy?

Dr Barton: Apart from Sting and MancSpank, I like the work of the American producers ‘Spanking Central’ and ‘Spank This’. Spanking Central, in particular, is good in that he produces short films to suit different tastes, some of them are quite ‘heavy’ with restraint and quite severe thrashings, but the ones which deal with school discipline in particular are very good and, I suspect, reflect what still happens in some US schools where the paddle is still used. They also have some very nice lads! There was also a French outfit called TPFL, sadly no more, who produced quite ambitious films with some very nice boys in them.


Ward: Finally, if you were given a choice of all the Sting Lads, including those you have not yet worked with, which one would you most like to have across your knee this afternoon?

All the boys I’ve worked with are unique individuals and all have their particular charms, but if I have to make a list, here goes:


(Perhaps, whilst I’m dealing with young Ginger, the others could form an orderly - and nervous - queue in the hall outside my study? I think this is what could be called ‘Spanker’s Heaven’!)

Ward: Yes that certainly sounds a heavenly scenario to me as well!! Thanks to Dr. Barton for that insight into a career many of us have enjoyed, admired and envied! We look forward to seeing you in many similar roles in the future.

The End

From Instruments of Persuasion Part 2

With Tigger in Reformatory USA

Caning Brett in Approved Education 2

Hickory switching James and Harry in Reformatory USA

Sebastian OTK in the Headmaster

Giving Harry 18 strokes in Approved Education 1

Tanning Matt Mills in Reformatory USA


Links to both the Sting and MancSpank 18.USC.2257 proof of age declarations can be found in the right hand column at this blog


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