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Monday, 28 February 2011

Sting's latest Download - The Brothers

The Brothers is probably one of the hottest Sting downloads in quite a while, set in a religious institution and featuring a host of well known Sting Lads such as Darren, Barry, Robbie, Andreas and Marc and also some new faces, including Matt Steele, Max Mc Kenzie and Lukas Leyton.

Over one hours and six minutes of hot Sting action, this one Sting fans won't want to miss.

Sting have been working on the Brothers for some time, and it includes some footage shot in the UK prior to the move to Prague

More images from "The Brothers" will be posted at the weekend


The Brothers (Download)

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Photoshopped by Mark

Some more funny, smoking hot and imaginative images by the inimitable Mark



Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Artist is Aerineth

MancSpank " My dad's the Headmaster"

MancSpank's latest release features bad boy Matthew and the inimitable Stuart as his dad 
the headmaster

Matthew's dad is the headmaster of the school he goes to. The headmaster is know to cane any one who puts a toe out of line, of course including his son! If he misbehaves he gets the cane just like any one else! After a well deserved caning, he's sent off to go home. Once he gets there, he relaxes in the lounge until dad walks in. Then he runs off to get ready for football practice but dad drags him back downstairs by his ears. He'll get a good bare bottom spanking and slippering for his childish behaviour! Behave like a brat, get treated like one! Especially if your dad is the headmaster!

NOTE: The video is not yet available from the MancSpank website but can be purchased from Clips4Sale 


East Europe Boys Video clips for the Weekend

Thanks to our friends from the East for a fresh brace of video clips

Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from SpankingBoysVideo

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Saturday Spankables