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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

BBFC - Keith gets a spanking

Estonian actor Keith, who some will recall from his roles in a couple of Sting movies, and who is seen with regular Sting actor Robbie, in the top two pictures below has also appeared in a number of movies by British Boys Fetish Club, which despite its name is based in Keith and Robbie's Baltic home town.  In the scene below Keith takes an OTK spanking preceding (not depicted) a whacking with a lexan paddle 


BBFC clips can also be purchased from Clips4Sale (the clip above is on page 13)


  1. one of my top 5 favorite spanking videos. ever!

  2. I think that Keith and Robbie are half-brothers.As far as I know Keith is into a Sting video (as a burglar) and is due to be in MBD 2,according several pics

  3. Nice, but the finger deserved him the strap!Would of been a beet red ass!

  4. Keith did get the strap in "Sign of our Times" by Sting, there are some pictures of that scene at this link

  5. I subscribed to British fetish club.
    Some of the clip are very hard indeed.
    However, the main reproach I would formulate for this site is the fact that we do not see the face of the boy getting spank during the spanking apart one or two exception and for a short time. In several clip we even do not see the face at all, even before and after the spanking

  6. Estonian are excellent.

  7. Keith got it good.

  8. He got it good
    like he should

  9. Keith and Marc Russel great with bottoms up.

  10. special sting
    with double disciplining.
    bring on the lexon paddling.

  11. Gena, Dimas, Keith: wow BBFC

  12. See Keith's paddling in the one in February of this year on BBFC.

  13. Blond Keith is very much my type.

    And this spanking Dad is one of the sexiest on video. What's his name again?