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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Brett Stevens Clips4Sale studio - Behind the scenes

Here are a series of behind the scenes pictures featuring Jay Jay, Tim an d Dr Bartontaken during the filming of recent releases by Sting Star Brett  Stevens Clips4Sale site
Recent releases by Brett include:

Curious Students
Two eager students (Jay J and Tim) have been having a history lesson about Corporal Punishment. They are keen to learn more and visit their professor (Dr Barton) in his study after class. They ask for a practical demonstration of how CP used to be administered. They ended up getting a taste of the ruler, hand spanking, cane and an old school birching! This is one lesson they will never forget!

Unruly Personal Trainers Get Spanked!
Jay J and Tim are two Personal Trainers working for the very strict Dr Barton. They have been warned about their disruptive behaviour but still misbehave. Dr Barton decides that the lads need to be taught a lesson. Each have to endure a long, hard otk spanking. When Dr Barton catches them mucking around after the spanking he decides that a hard session from his paddle is needed to sort out the lads bad attitude!

The Porno
Jay J is staying with his Uncle (Dr Barton) and can't resist taking a spanking porno mag into the bathroom for a sneaky wank! His Unlce catches him and decides to punish Jay J with an over the knee spanking using the bath brush. Uncle Barton delivers a hard spanking that has Jay J crying out as his bare bottom gets beaten!

The Window Cleaner
Dr Barton is furious to discover that his window cleaning company have not sent round his usual cleaner. Poor Tim the replacement cleaner soon finds out that Dr Barton has got some rather 'old fashioned' ideas about discipline. Tim has to decide between losing his job and not being able to support his family back home or being subjected to a humiliating spanking followed by a thrashing from the cane! 

The Intruders
Brett and Dr Barton are at home enjoying a private CP session. Two delinquint burglars (Jay J and Tim) make a huge mistake by choosing Dr Barton's house to rob. Brett manages to overpower them and dishes out some hard punishment and both lads get a heavy dose of the strap! Afterwards Brett and Dr Barton resume their own CP fun where Brett takes the cane on his bare bottom.

Brett takes some serious bare bottom  punishment following his involvement in the London Riots

Brett - the original bad boy

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Erik at

Meet Erik at a fully redesigned Erik has lost his job and needs cash, so he's more than ready to take a hard spanking 

Video trailer


Spanking Boys Title 18. USC. 2257 proof of age record keeping declaration

Sting Raw - "Hetherington, the ink ball incident"

The latest Sting Raw release stars Nick in "Hetherington, the ink ball incident"

The Head Boy's job is to set an example and maintain discipline amongst the other students. He is supposed to be the standing example of what the others should be able to attain.

Young Hetherington's case he is not always successful at living up to that standard and flicking blue ink paint balls with a ruler on to the clean white shirts of fellow sixth formers is not a good example...........
 The Head is understandably furious. Hetherington is summoned to his office and given a good caning for his misdemeanour! He'll now have some stinging bright red stripes to show off in the showers. 

 The Head though is not too sure the message is getting through to his most senior pupil or indeed the rest of the college. So to make sure everyone is aware that the Head Boy is being firmly disciplined he arranges that Hetherington to return at nine o'clock for further treatment!

Just before lights out the Head Boy waits outside the Headmasters study again. This time, although he is one of the older boys, he's going to get a long hard humiliating spanking and will return to his dorm with a burning red backside to remind him he is the Head Boy and therefore an example to the rest. 

The Headmaster through his exemplary punishment will make sure that it stays that way for Hetherington. 


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Monday, 28 November 2011

Another punished soldier!

Another clip from Spanking Army Boys.  A strong and muscular soldier is called to his superior for punishment. He is ordered to strip and then receives hundreds  of strokes of the cane, starting on his feet and legs.  He is then ordered onto the table to perform some pushups while being caned on the buttocks.  Finally he receives a hand spanking.

Video trailer

Links - Houseboy

Images from a brand new site run by the producers of MancSpank, and dealing with various fetishes - Including Spanking.  As in this video "House Boy" 

The story starts with the houseboy is on the phone to his girlfriend who is nagging him to leave his job as his employer has a nasty streak.

The boy is then called into the bosses study as he is on the phone to his broker and getting angry, he demands the boy makes him a martini. He does so and the boss takes a sip and tells the boy it’s awful and throws it at him. In his temper he rips down the boy’s trousers and underpants and puts him over his knee for a dam good spanking, and then he is put over the desk and beaten with a riding crop.

After that the boss rings the agency to get a new houseboy but this one pleads to keep his job, so as the boss gets back on the phone to his broker about his shares he makes the straight houseboy suck his cock the angry he becomes the more the lad is forced to suck harder and then he blasts a load of cum over the lads face before telling him to get back to work.


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Sunday, 27 November 2011

MancSpank - Sent from my Mother for a Spanking

The latest release by  MancSpank in "Sent from My Mother for a Spanking.

Chris is home from college. On his way home he passed some rioters in Manchester and although usually a good boy, he took the opportunity to steal a DVD, thinking he would get away with it.  Unlucky for Chris his crime was caught on CCTV.  As a resut Chris ended up in court and faced with a thousand pound fine which his mother had to pay. Mother is still annoyed and sends Chris to a neighbour who she asks to her errant son a damn good spanking.

The MancSpank website is undergoing improvements at the moment, however all MancSpank videos can be purchased from Clips4 sale via the following link:

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