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Monday, 30 January 2012

Student Discipilne-Craig Gets Spanked!

Coming soon from CP4Men Student Discipilne-Craig Gets Spanked! where handsome blonde Craig goes over the master's knee for a good hard spanking, on his shorts, on his white underpants and on his incredible bare bottom and this is only the start,  Here is a message from CP4 Men:

"Hi everybody! I'm very pleased to announce a new collection of Student spankings over the next few months! 
Craig is very much a senior at school but still manages to come unstuck! Complete with note he is sent to the heads office for a good spanking. Craig takes his punishment well and presents us with one of the best bottoms I have had the pleasure to have spanked-hope you enjoy to too! 

More hot pictures of Craig's hot bottom to follow

Video trailer


Student Discipilne-Craig Gets Spanked! is currently available from 

and will be available from Clips4Sale later in the week

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Franco - Professor Spanks

A hot new image from the artist FRANCO

Click here to see a full color Fem Dom version of this image

Two more clips from East Europe Boys

Unlucky young Davide receives a hard and severe punishment only for the pleasure of the spanker, and aware that he can not refuse. After being stripped, David is told to lie on the bed with his bottom in the air and his body weight supported by his shoulders. He is then severely and repeatedly whipped with a belt and whip, followed by a hand spanking on the ass and anus. An additional punishment to the genitals and the cock is inflicted with the belt.

Video trailer

Roman is captured and forced to undergo a new punishment with the cane and the riding crop. When asked by the spanker if he is "ready to be punished," a miserable and fearful Roman replies "yes." Roman is then stripped and tied to a rail above the bed, where he is punished with the cane and the horse whip followed by a hand spanking.

Video trailer

Thanks to East Europe Boys for these new clips

Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

MancSpank - Tim's home from uni with a sore bottom

In a new video from MancSpank, Tim is home from art college , but his father thinks he needs to get a proper job, so if he doesn't come home with with a good report dad then finds any reason to give him a dam good spanking bare bottom by hand then the stinging hairbrush followed by the leather strap and then the cane poor Tim is sent back to uni with one very red bottom

MancSpank videos video are available from 

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Check out their other site

East Europe Boys - Unlucky Tomas

College boy Tomas has to undergo a punishment for his poor scholastic performance, he reports  the professor for his punishment. The strict professor decides the boy needs to be lashed with a whip, followed by a hand spanking.

Video trailer

In Tomas Feet, Tomas is whipped across the soles of his feet, and then goes over the professor's knee for a hard hand spanking, including the spanking of his anus

Video trailer


Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video

A link to the SpankingBoysVideo US 18.2257 proof of age statement can be found in the right hand column of this blog

Dr. Barton - "Festive Spanking"

Fans of disciplinarian extraordinaire Dr. Barton should click here to visit Spanking Tube to find out what he was doing over Christmas!!

Saturday Spankables - in Black and White

Just for a change, this Saturday's spankables are in moody and atmospheric black and white I hope you enjoy the selection I have chosen