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Thursday, 1 March 2012

His brother the soldier

Thanks to Helmut for this hot set of images which I believe are entitled "His Brother the Soldier" and may come from a 1990's movie by Control T studio.  However, I can not guarantee that information is correct, so if anyone has more information please post a comment with details.


  1. Not certain if that studio produced this well-circulated video and still collection. However, it was a piece of spanking video history, since it seemed to be the first video to tell more of a story than just setting up the spanking. The videography was rather clever as well, using the sunlight through blinds to create interesting shadows on the models. What is not shown in this still collection is the very end scene of the vid, which shows the soldier jacking off in the shower and the spanked bro secretly watching him and rubbing his own tented jeans.

  2. This video was not titled, but was the second scene from "Spare the Rod - 3" produced by Paradox Pictures and released by Jet Set. I have no idea if either of these companies are still in business.