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Monday, 30 April 2012

Sting: Banged Up! My Borstal Days 2 (Part 1)

Just released by Sting:  Banged Up! My Borstal Days 2  is a 1 hour and 40 minute epic set in a Borstal reformatory for wayward young men and staring 15 Sting Lads including Darren, Matt Mills, Danny, Robbie, Jason Shaw, Damien Drake, David, James Bruce, Barry, Justin Kinsley, Dale Brady, Keith, Brandon Junior and George Basten

Banged Up! Borstal days 2
It’s back inside for some for hot institutional action. Rainsford Borstal has a new governor, a Scotsman whose favourite instrument of correction is the tawse.

In this feature length movie the young trainees come face to face with real discipline. These boys are just plain bad lads in need of strict discipline! And they get it, as the crack of the cane rings round the walls and hard over the knee spankings are frequently handed out. Break the rules under this Governor and a stinging red raw backside will surely be the end result.

One boy, who discovers this to his cost is insolent trainee called Wilson (Matt Mills) when he swings his fists in the direction of another trainee and ends up receiving a bare bottom caning from the Deputy Governor. He is soon made to see reason and the stinging red stripes on his bare backside are going to be a reminder for some time to come.

Trainee Smith (Keith) has to report for an over the vaulting horse dose of the cane from the senior officer, this after previously getting a long hard and intense spanking from Mr Labowski.

Trainee Dean Crosby (Robbie Estivez)  also ends up on the wrong side of Officer Labowski’s (Margusta) heavy hand not to mention the butt burning caning he gets when desperately touching his toes later in the story.

For absconding Trainee John Appleby (Justin Kingsley) receives a very hard tawsing from the Governor using his genuine Lochgelly ‘XH’ heavy leather tawse. This is one of the hardest beatings Sting have ever filmed!

"Banged Up - Borstal Days 2" will be available as a download and also later as a DVD 

Or a full sized version of the preview trailer can be downloaded by clicking here

(To download from SendSpace click on the blue bar towards the bottom) 

TO BE CONTINUED.....................................

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Stories from East Europe Part 2

 Davide is punished for poor educational performance, across the Master's knee, he receives the hairbrush first on hs jeans, then his shorts and finally on his bare behind.



 This is the first time Libor has been punished with the cane on the sensitive soles of the feet, (bastinado) This is the unfortunate lad's punishment for losing a race. The punishment continues with hand spanking over the master's knee. (OTK) Also includes genital punishment.



Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video

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More of Marco

Further to the earlier posting on Saturday, please note that Marco's Soccer Spanking is now also available from CP4Men at Clips4Sale.

  For more pictures and a video trailer please click here


Marco's Soccer Spanking is currently available from 

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Control T - Probation Violation

Another JockSpank challenge!  I believe these images may come from an early Control T movie about a guy spanking his cute blond room mate, although I have also seen them labeled  "Cousin Spanking" and "Spanking his brother", Can anyone confirm the origin of this movie, and what it was actually called.  (Any information about the actors would also be welcome)

UPDATE: Thanks to Copper for identifying this scene as "Probation Violation" from CTS23, which is by Control T Studio in this scene Tommy has lost his job and violated his probation, so his older brother, Buck, decides he needs a paddling.


CTS Movies are now available on compilation DVDs from their website (link above) or individual scenes from CTS movies can be purchased and downloaded from

Maleflixx US 18.2257 proof of age

Mirror - By Jonathan

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Two Bad Foster Lads!

Two Bad Foster Lads, Brett and Tim are fostered by a couple. However, they are always misbehaving and get caught stealing from their new Grandmother! So it's down to their foster Dad to give them both a good over the knee spanking and slippering to teach them a lesson!

Video trailer


Spank Brett's bare bottom to visit