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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Damien gets the cane

 Damien Drake plays Paul Bishop in this scene from the February 2012 Sting Release "Sixth Formers - something to 'wine' about". Paul is the Deputy Headmaster's son, so he is severely dealt with when he is caught cheating 

Further images from this download can be viewed by clicking here

There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declatation in the right hand column of this blog


  1. Damien is so good/bad!

  2. You can see more of Damien in his porn movies, google Damien Dreik. I like his Sting spankings, the longer and harder, the better! Damien is gorgeous.

  3. Me thinks that young Damien, like all nortie pretty boyz his age, should have his balls shaved and be put back into skimpy shorts too, to remind him that all the time he behaves like a boy ten years younger than he is he has at least another ten years to go before he can be allowed to wear longs and cover-up his very slappable little leggies or grow a single hair on his balls!

    If Rich O'Shea et at at Sting won't shave him and put him back into shorts, I gladly will after first spanking and leathering the boi myself! If you are reading this Young Damien, report to me now by e-mailing me at for instructions as to when and how you should report to me in my study!

  4. The beginning of the caning shouldn't had been down with pants on..That good looking butt should had been bared and then the cane applied to stripe each cheek!

  5. ah, the sweet sting of the cane,
    on the bare, on the swelling of the ass.

  6. oh... He is so hot please sting keep putting him in your wonderfull clips

    1. Damien is in a number of new releases, including a new Headmaster's Study episode

  7. Damien's a good-looking guy. I know he is at least 19 or 20 years old by now, but his boyish face makes him pass for 16. Such soulful eyes.

    Another Sting model I like is Sebastian. He's about the same age as Damien, and also good-looking, but he's quite a bit more muscular, and I find that appealing. I find that watching a handsome, muscular, masculine guy getting spanked like a little boy "turns me on". Part of the thrill of it is because muscular, masculine guys like Damien usually portray the "top" role in porn films - to see them playing the "bottom" role, being humiliated & helpless, is unexpected and desirable.