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Monday, 30 July 2012

More Unlucky East Europe Boys

Video training for Filip, who is severely spanked with the wooden spoon, followed by a good spanking by hand.


The boys play Jenga, in the normal way. for each brick laid adds a ten spank penalty for which ever boy loses. Therefore the longer the game lasts the harsher the punishment for the loser.



Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video


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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Straight Lads Spanked - The Consequences of Cheating

Karl is in trouble ..................BIG trouble! 

This 18 year old swimming champ has been cheating on his girlfriend with some other lads sweetheart..... 

The consequences of Karl's cheating are severe!.....

Upon finishing swimming practice, young Karl is ambushed outside by the angry boyfriend backed up by two of his mates... Outnumbered, Karl does not stand a chance... 

Luckily for Karl, his swimming coach, Bailey comes to the rescue dives into the brawl.... Terrified Karl runs away leaving Bailey to face up to the angry lads. It's the morning after and Karl is summoned to Coach Bailey's office..... 

We discover that Karl fell over whilst running away and spent most of the night in A&E with a damaged leg which is now in plaster, meanwhile Bailey has a painful, swollen black eye

Karl, with his leg in plaster, can no longer Captain the Swimming Team..........The competition is in a few weeks.... 

............Furious Bailey demands answers!........ 

Nothing Karl says placates Bailey and the promising athlete is told to empty his locker and leave the club.Devastated Karl pleads for a final chance.......... 

Bailey appreciates that he is a fantastic swimmer and would like to salvage the situation..... Bailey is angry though.... Really angry and decides that if Karl is to stay he must pay a price for his actions....
Karl reluctantly agrees... 

Karl has no idea how heavy the price is going to be..... 

What happens next is extreme punishment dished out in anger by a livid Bailey. 

Hard. relentless hand spanking delivered full force by strong Bailey. Struggling Karl, pinned down, picked up thrown around and shown no mercy...... 

.......and when the hand spanking is over with, Coach Bailey orders Karl over the chair to receive 12 hard swats from the heavy plimsol leaving the lads bottom throbbing and bruised .......


"Hello, is that Karl's Dad?....."

More from Mr X!
"Warning!!!! This movie is not for the faint hearted! It contains 100% real, hard punishment. This is far from a gentle spanking. If scenes of a young lad being severely punished are not to your taste, this male spanking movie will not be for you



East Europe Boys - Playing Games!

A test of endurance. Each boy in turn, take a companion piggyback, and after running around the room, must endure a harsh punishment with the weight of the same mate still riding on his back.



The boys in turn, must compete in a wrestling match. The loser must then choose two implements of punishment by pulling two cards at random from a pack. He will be punished severely and at length with the chosen items, followed a good, and vigorous, hand spanking



Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video


A link to the SpankingBoysVideo US 18.2257 proof of age statement can be found in the right hand column of this blog