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Saturday, 14 July 2012

PhotoShopped by Mark

 Another brilliant batch of scorching hot photoshop fantasy, by the one and only Mark

All of these are new and illustrate the use of athletic coaches infamous paddles.


  1. It always improves my day when you post new work by Mark. They are hot and they are funny

  2. Great work as usual Mark! Love the top one ("below the belt") the guy in it is so cute. Also the jock sitting on the cold floor ! heh heh!

  3. awesome--Mark rocks! ^_^

  4. great job. I love the scenarios. Yearbook photo, carrying the sign around school, and the ones where the guys know they are about to get it.
    I love the helmet/pads/protection one too. Very funny.

  5. HOT HOT HOT Mark!!!

  6. It's always too long a wait for Mark's next posting, which is a rather enviable flaw, like it never being enough of the good stuff, and I've got a soft spot for the coach/jocks theme,
    but(t) this time it was even more worth the wait, a real sumer treat, without a single weaker one, so let's just say keep up the good work, we wants more o it, as much and as often as Mark can muster!
    P.S. It might be a nice idea to post every Photoshopped gem individually on Flickr too, so a wide audience (and it exists there!) can enjoy them and post specific comments.

  7. It goes without saying that all jocks need to comply or else .They soon find out what else means .I for one believe in the Coaches Paddle without a doubt .I believe in the real thing so photo dont sleays do it .But I believe in strict disclipine and total compliance and if this doesn't occur i say put the paddle to work and make sure that all Hides are tanned well and that there is little chance of a repeat performance .It goes without saying it all punishment is On the bare without any discussion this goes with the territory