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Monday, 13 August 2012

In Production- Coming Soon from Sting "Oh Brother 2"

The sequel to "Oh Brother" is currently in production at Sting and will be released soon.  Oh Brother 2 is set in a Catholic institution and includes stars such as Darren, Brandon Junior, Damien Drake, Dexter, Mike Cross and new actor Daniel Fliesh 

 Dexter and Darren

 Not sure how comfortable Damien will feel sitting on that bike!! ...


 Brandon and Mike Cross

Brandon's bottom really reddens up!

New boy Daniel Fliesh

There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog


  1. WOW! This looks hot - Welcome Daniel!

  2. I think Daniel's gonna float my boat, naughty lad!

  3. OMG Dainel so good looking damn what a pretty boy he's actually my boyfriend he just don't know yet

  4. I like sting I just wish theyed do more modern e scenes they do a few but not much

  5. Another great looking line up from sting I noticed someone marked it as poor... ? Really? Why? a case of envy i thinks

  6. Above^^ y'all can rate it how you like mate that why the system is there not all gotta be the same thank you mate

  7. To Anon above. Still doesn't answer why anybody would rate this as "poor". Probably somebody with some kind of grudge against sting or somebody being plain stupid.

  8. I think there are a couple of people who don't like Sting's retro theme and want them to do more modern stuff. That is fair comment, we all have different tastes.

    But to rate Sting movies poor for that reason is like saying "I wish Orson Wells had made more musicals" and then rating Citizen Kane a bad movie because there are no song and dance numbers!

    Its not a fair or appropriate rating.