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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Instruments of Persuasion - the Martinet and Triad Cane Scenes

These images were previously posted to the Feel the Sting blog

Released by Sting in 2007, Instruments of Persuasion (Part 2) examines some of the more exotic and unusual implements used to punish miscreant youths. This posting shows images from scenes focusing on Instruments of Persuasion from two different corners of the earth, starting with the French Martinet.

The Martinet - David

One of the earlier scenes in IOP II features David as a naughty young "garçon" receiving a sound thrashing with the stinging Martinet, in a period story set in 19th Century France.

The Triad Cane - Vex

Back in the present day, and in a later scene on a visit to the Far East, Vex, falls foul of the local laws and is sentenced to a flogging with the triple rod sting of the cruel Triad Cane 

Leaving the bad lad with a lot of Sting to sooth ........


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  1. serious spanking
    of such sensational guys
    with spectacular asses

  2. Looking at the pictures above of the young man being whipped by his father with a french Martinet,I reminds me how I got the same treatment me and my brother up to the age of 16,we were in the 70's and even at the age of 14 or 15 we were allways in very short pants held up by clip on suspenders +the nylon overall on top buttoned on the side or in the back to go to school.Our mum was ( like the other mum's ) allways too in her very large ang very long nylon overalls with a thick plastic head cap on her head and her damned Martinet ready in her nylon overall pocket to whip our buttocks ,or for more serious matters on our bare asses,and beleive me after 10 to 15 hard strokes,you couldn't sit down for a couple of days,letting alone that after the Martinet whipping she used to take out her electric hair shaver and our heads were completly shaved aswell,then it was 30mn kneeled down hands on your heads in the corner ,and if you moved or slipped a bit down mum would straighten you up back allways with her damned Martinet,then it was put back on the kitchen nail till the next use,wich was practicly everyday,and as far as I know all my other school mates ( girls and boys) it was the same thing for them too,that was the "procedure in France in those decades!!.They did come out with Martinets with "plastic tails' for the girls,but as the mothers noticed that it had little effect the mothers soon went back to the shop ( ironmongers,toy shops...) and bought a good vintage Martinet with it's solid thick lrather tails,the price for a good solid Martinet up to the 80's was 10 francs ( about 1.50euros),!!And that's the way it was,beleive me !!!

  3. The message is absolutely true above that's the way it was in France up to 1985,and I don't know a mother who did'nt use the Martinet ,and usualy hung up in the kitchen on a nail redy for use on our buttocks or our asses,girls and boys ! it depended upon your mother at that time in France we would be whipped sometimes up till the age of 16 or even 17 18 !your mother was the only juge !As for our outfit we wore the same stuff 7 days a week that is boys in tne 60's 70's and 80's too we wore long nylon overalls with big plastic buttons ,buttoned on the side or in the back underneath for boys it was very short trousers pulled very high up by your clip on braces +a beret to protect your head wich was allways shaved too thanks again to our mothers who liked us that way..For the girls like my sister for them it was a blouse with big buttons,a long navy blue pleated skirt with straps to hold it up and the long nylon overall on top of it +a beret of course. and although our mother was smaller than we were that did'nt make a difference ,because she made us bend down offering thus our asses ,then everything for us the boys came down ,( short trousers-braces-knickers,your nylon overall came over your head then you was told not to move the the Martinet whipping began,for odinary matters it would be bettween 8 to 10 lashes but for more serious things like bad school marks or bad behaviour it could amont up to 20! and there beleive me you could'nt sit down for a couple of days !,What's more at school our school teachers who were mainly young female teachers if you did'nt listen,you were really whipped hard on you buttocks with their damed Martinets ,and they had it usualy in their long nylon buttoned overalls ,( girls and boys) so as you can see it really hurt us to sit down ,but in France that's the way thing were!,Comparing to other countries why in France Martinet whippings,nylon overalls,heads shaved and so on...I remeber even arriving at the age of 16 ( sometimes more !) we all complained of this between school freinds girls and boys,Even when we went out the damned MARTINET FOLLOWED US TOO IN CASE ...