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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Saturday (Blond) Spankables

Some golden haired lads for your weekend enjoyment!!


  1. Why would anyone rate this posting as "poor"? That doesn't make sense

  2. Its racist to only have blonds, blond means white and that's discrimination

    1. You are obviously a man of few words JM.
      Well said!

  3. If somebody likes big hairy dark guys then they will not have much fun with the twinky blondes in this posting but that does not mean they should rate the post as being poor. My concern is that the people who do post will just stop doing so because of the ones who click on "poor" because they are in some way frustrated or jealous.

  4. On no! Crass PC has finally hit Jock Spank. I bet it’s a fellow Brit. The country is riddle with this nonsense! So now we can’t have BMBW or Black spank master, or Japanpank! etc. unless it’s a mixed selection of guys. What utter twaddle! Ward kindly selected these pictures and posted them as a special set of blonde guys. He might do Asian guys or Black guys who knows or even blonde Asian and black guys. Hmmm, somehow that might not work as well but hey it might please Mr PC anonymous above!

  5. Oh don't worry, nobody will complain about postings if they are only black, Asian, Latino, Chinese or whatever, its only whites who are not permitted to be exclusive.

    Its like all white countries have to be multiracial but black or Asian countries can remain as black or Asian as they like.

  6. Anonymous--The Saturday Blond Sparkables are beautiful clips of some finest Body and ass that ever been shown .I think all of them should be bought into reality and to me that would be let's see how brave they are when the Strap @Paddle go to work .They may have blonde Hair now but there Hides need good Tanning and we will know whether factorial or a fantasy

  7. All these lads are wonderfully well-endowed in all departments. However, the first boy on the counter, #8 down from the top, is exceedingly fetching. If this were a restaurant, I would be ordering HIM - the butt and thigh please, double portion!