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Thursday, 27 September 2012

British Boys Fetish Club - Two New Updates

Last Saturday's Update is Eric First Time:  Eric is confronted with a poor college report and is ordered OTK, a good opening spanking on the tighty whities with his pert little ass showing well gets the ball rolling. These are pulled down and his tiny ass is bare for a hard OTK set. A change to the table tennis bat brings the cheeks to a full bloom of colour. A final fast hand flourish adds a little something to this debut by Eric. 

 As far as Eric is concerned, Tony tells me: "This is Erics first visit to us and he had never been spanked in his life before. I spanked him OTK and OTK with the table tennis bat. The way he keeps rubbing his face and frowning show he is thinking ' what am I doing here ' . His lovely little butt colours up well and he clenches really hard - a sign that he is not used to it at all  

 Extra Update

Today's update is Liam - The Messy Room: Liam's room is a tip and Tony is stunned by the mess the lad lives in. He drags the lad out of bed by the ear and gives him a good walloping with the slipper. Then Liam is made to start to pick up his stuff and clean the mess as Tony gives a few swats to help him a long. A warning and Tony goes to leave the room and Liam gives him the finger. This Tony sees out of the corner of his eye and he spins round and hoists the lad high OTK so he is completely off the ground. With legs flailing and crying out he gets a ass tingling spanking before being thrown on the bed and left to think over the error of his ways


There will be a further update this coming weekend!




  1. Ok I gotta give BBFC there props the high pieces over the knee poison is rarely seen in many gay spanking clips and its a wonderful view too I might grab me this clip maybe if only it was on Blu-ray lol

  2. Tony always gives a very 'professional' spanking anyway. The raised knee stance he takes was discussed with Franco recently. Finding his head upside down is quite disorientating for a lad trying to cope with the slaps to his arse so it makes the spanking that much more effective. It is also authentic since often a spanking was instantaneous and on the spot without any of the ritual of finding a chair etc.

    Tony and BBFC score again.

  3. My only complaint would be is that tony doesn't dish out are hard enough spanking but he has other aspects spot on scenes etc