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Saturday, 1 September 2012

East Europe Boys - Clips (Part 1)

From AmateurSpankingBoys:  18 year old Lukas, with a perfect body and a round ass and firm, and with fear evident on his face,undergoes a severe beating and strong with the strap, leather paddle, followed by a vigorous spanking hand


From CollegeboySpank: Michal and lukas, are caught playing table tennis, instead of staying to study.  The master orders each to their own room and wait for their punishment. Michal is visibly nervous and afraid, and his fears soon turn to reality The master orders him to drop his pants and underpants, then Michal Receives a hard spanking over the master's knee, with table tennis racquet.



Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video


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  1. Another excellent video from a great team.

  2. Both lads have perfectly round butts, ideal for a good spanking. Although the ping-pong paddle doesn't look or sound very severe, I have used it to raise serious blisters on a young man's bare butt. I am certain that Michal felt every swat.

  3. I love the positioning of Michel with his legs spread wide apart. and he truly has an epic ass. (And great dick, if you use the link to see more sample photos from this session at CollegeBoySpank)

  4. Consistently fantastic spank videos from this guy, reasonably priced at clips4sale! Michal is gorgeous; I can see why he is so popular and is in so many videos. The positions his body get put in on the above video bring out his best form. Lukus Lu, who often stars with Michal, has an even more beautiful body and he will be next when he gets the table tennis paddle. Also, I am still in awe of the wonderful films made recently with Filip! These are the best! There's 4 or 5 available at Spanking Boys and 2 at Spanking Army Boys! BUY them!

  5. Correction: Lukas Liz I mean in my comment above, not Lukas Lu.

  6. Josef from the Eastern Europe team is also working as Leonardo King at Sting.