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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mik from every angle

This latest release by British Boys Fetish Club is in response to requests from fans of Mik - Every angle and shot is as requested by viewers of BBFC videos, specifically for Mik. Starting out standing in white briefs Mik is ordered over Tony's knee and gets a good hard set on his underwear. There are some very wide angle shots of him from his feet, which are kicking around as the swats fall. Underwear removed his reactions become more animated and the kicking is rewarded with some hard swats to the soles of his feet. A nice long simple OTK for a very popular lad.


Video trailer




  1. This is a fantastic video if you prefer your spanked boys barefoot. Worth every penny. Mik has a glorious backside and his feet are lovely too. And he wiggles his rump and kicks his feet so beautifully!

  2. I don't like BBFC here's why a lot of there videos have to much talking in the whole point of the studio is spanking they charge you money to hear them talk and the spankings given are no way near as intense as they should be the lads should be slapped hard on the ass I feel as if they should have a new spanker so as a request BBFC id like to see am improvement. Before this comment is deemed as bad it isn't it's just advice now I used to buy videos from this site a lot but the spankings don't do it for me no more