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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Reluctant Young Men - Young, Cool, Sexy and Spanked - Part 2

Jake's humiliation continues over Rich's knee while spanked with a bath-brush, stainless-steel perforated paddle, and the always powerful hand.  Before he is half-way through the second part of his ordeal his legs are trembling, his face is red and grimacing, and his ass is beaten nearly purple. When Jake is told to "count down" his final whacks he miscounts a number of times, seeming like he is trying to prolong the conclusion, despite the pain.

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  1. beautiful bountiful
    blushing, bruising

  2. Fit bloke but RYM isnt good as in there story's that big guy does to much talking

    1. That's your opinion, I always enjoy their videos.

      A bit of dialogue helps build the scene

  3. This is remarkable video. I've seldom seen Rich show such cold hostility towards a model, and given the young man's arrogance and attitude it isn't hard to understand why. Nevertheless, he submits to his spanking very well and his butt is pretty torn up by the end. (And Rich seems so furious he actually doesn't do too much talking.) There is obviously a back story here, and the fact that we aren't told what it is just makes the video that much better. Highly recommended.

  4. Jake is soooooooooooooo handsome - want to see much
    more of him - forced to undress and hard spanking wooow.
    Perhaps an interviw!?