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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saturday (Tigty Whitie) Spankables

This week's spankables posting is a celebration of the eternal appeal of men in tight white underpants, (I know a certain Magic Man who will enjoy these!!)


  1. Why no black ones? Isn't that racist? ... JOKE!

  2. Excellent pictures. Discipline on tight whites is a favourite of mine. Forget baggy boxers!

  3. I'd love a "Tighty Whities" film by Sting. Darren in particular looks tremendous in them. Still love the caning scene of Paul in "Grey Shorts" when he gets six on his whites.

  4. Could you do a post of scally chav spankables your best spankables so far are Matt mills, David and gerja the Russian in the snow. The best picture of Matt is a clublads photo where he has boxing gloves on and his shorts down at the back staring at the camera with his full plump bare arse out. As for David he is on ukscally lads with his award winning arse out so full and plump. Please post more chavs.

    1. Matt Mills has the face,the look and the bottom that brings out the worst in me. I just want to spank that boy every day and dream that he is ready,willing and asking me to do it. Well we can all dream cant we !!
      Loved the tight whities as it is also a fantacy of mine,what could be better then a plump bottom held firmly in skin tight white briefs,delicious

  5. *gasp*
    How will I be able to cook properly for my dinner party this evening after seing this?

  6. Jim bar --These guys are very spankables in there jockeys shorts what would they look like with them down or off .I would like to find out