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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Sting: "Les Voleurs de Vin" (The Wine Thieves)

In the latest download“Les Voleurs de Vin” Sting returns to a theme they featured quite a few years ago. This new Gallic story set in the French countryside during summer follows the fortunes of Francois and his friend Nicholas. François (Damien Drake) has been pilfering from his uncle’s beloved collection of wines. Having obtained the odd bottle he often enjoyed the looted hooch with his friend Nicolas (New Sting model Karl Frazer)

Having been quickly found out and caught red handed by the river Francois is sent home to wait for his Uncles punishment, while Nicolas is to be dealt with by his own very cross Uncle Pierre (Rusty) Nicolas is marched off in to the forest and is soon over his uncles knee getting a firm spanking.

Back at his home young François is getting the same from his own Uncle.

Pierre is a stickler for discipline and after spanking Nicholas decides to lay on a dose of the switch. This freshly cut instrument quickly produces some burning stripes on the lad’s bare bottom with him yelling in sorrow as a result.

Back with Francois and his uncle the legendary Martinet is now out of the draw and swishing down on naughty François well raised bare backside. The leather thongs cut painfully in to the boy’s bare cheeks as he bucks and twists across the end of the bed.

In the forest the stern Pierre has prepared the finale to Nicolas punishment. As the freshly cut green stinging nettles brush across his already well whipped bare backside poor Nicholas knows what to come. Thwack after thwack with the fresh bundle of nettles produces a pleading Nicolas who will do all he can in future not to encounter such a punishment again!

Here then are two country boys who will no longer be known as The Wine Thieves. 


the ever delightful Damien Drake ..

... and new boy Karl Frazer, who received a really "stinging" introduction to Sting!

 Stinging nettles!!



  1. i believe it should be "du" rather than "de" (?).

    1. Actually, in this instance the preposition in that sentence would be de because it is saying "the wine" rather than "of the wine". Had the sentence been "The theft of the wine" it would be correct to use "du" as in "Le vol du vin".

      It is one of those things which always confuses students of French

  2. This is superb, another Sting classic

  3. Vous avez tout à fait raison. Bravo Sting!