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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bad East Europe Boys (Part 1)

Two boys (lukas Liz. and Lukas So.), were recruited to work in a pub. When the master returns to the pub, he finds the boys are seated at a table rather than working. The master decides that the boys should learn a lesson.
After being ordered to strip, each boy in turn receives a hard spanking over the Master's knee, by hand. After being punished, the boys gets back to work naked, with his red ass on display


Martin is a new student in college, who has very bad grades. The master immediately decided to give him a severe punishment, it does strip, shall obtain the belt, and punishes him severely strapped. Followed by a hand spanking and he also gets a genital punishment.


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  1. Кто эти парни по национальности, чехи, словаки, словенцы, сербы, хорваты? Не русские - это точно. Спасибо за видео. Спэнкинг - это прикольно. Но хотелось бы видеть нечто из медицинского фетиша. Видео, где этим парням делали бы уколы в попу.

    1. Эти ребята Чешская

      These boys are Czech

      Вы сказали, медицинские фетиш с мальчиками, введенного в попу - Стинг картинки сделали это в прошлом.

      You mention a medical fetish with boys being injected in the ass - Sting Pictures have done that in the past.

  2. The first movie features two big stars from this terrific maker of spanking movies. 1) Lukas So is the Tom Cruise cutie of the company. Usually his gorgeous face smiles while being spanked. This is changing; he now expresses pain gloriously as he is hit harder. Still harder, please, for Lukas So. 2) His Royal Highness, Prince Lukas Liz, the one with the world's most beautiful butt, is feeling and expressing his pain. This is breathtaking! Keep it up! Harder and more pain for the Prince. The new royal buzz cut makes it all feel more painful?
    Next movie above features Martin's second encounter with the Master. He didn't learn the first time. His gorgeous body is stretched out horizontally over an armchair. This red headed hottie heats up the screen as the Master hits him over and over, harder and harder. Taking the stick in his teeth, Daniel looks quite dazed by all of the pain. Marvelous! Put Filip, Lukas So. and Prince Lukas Liz in the same position, over the chair and wallop them hard with the paddle, please.

  3. Lukas Liz with that shaved hair makes me well.... *eyes roll back* lol anom23