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Friday, 30 November 2012

Meet Ken (at the Magic Spanking Factory)

Ken, of Japanese/German descent, having being spanked at home for years tells JustMagic he misses being spanked and volunteers to take a good spanking at the Factory. Starting off on his tight jeans he soon starts to feel the heat but there is a lot more in store for this long legged guy. By the time the hand spanking stops his smooth buttocks are a deep shade of red. Bent over the table he gets his buttocks well belted. JustMagic decides that a dose of the whip would be a good idea to finish him off, the last strokes of which he gets kneeling on the floor with his legs apart and his bottom in the air. An excellent position for striking the most delicate part of his behind


Sting - No Stars - Just More Stripes - Video trailer

Here is the video trailer for the latest Sting download 

Staring Dexter, Eddie Savion, Connor Levi and Rudi Valance

The video can be purchased from Sting at the following link

There is a link to the Sting Title 2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Four Times Late for School

Jonathon thought he was going to have a peaceful few hours just lazing around. No such Luck! Little did he know that his Dad had found out he had been late for school fout times in one week! It was obvious that something had to be done about such terrible behavior. Dad was of the opinion a good belting would be the answer. Jonathon's scanty baby blue underpants offered almost no protection whatsoever from the lashes with the belt. Even less so when given an embarrassing and cheek exposing wedgie. Soon though he is ordered to strip naked and his vulnerable bottom is again feeling the stinging belt. using a wooden spatula the most intimate part of his bottom is also punished. No amount of howling deters Dad in giving the urchin the punishment he deserves. Magic Spanking Factory



Unlucky Euro Boys - Part 3

Josef the soldier reports to the sergeant, to be punished. Josef is made to strip naked, and then severely punished with the cane, followed by being spanked vigorously by hand.

   0075 ARMY

also at Clips4Sale

Lukas is ordered to be punished by the master he must lie down and keep your legs in the air, while his classmates hold his feet still. The master punishes the unfortunate lad first with the cane on the soles of his sensitive feet before he is spanked on the behind and on the asshole.


Video clips can also be purchased and downloaded from Spanking Boys Video

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CP4Men - Justin's Spanking Dream

Justin's Spanking Dream: When young lads go off to bed at this time of year all they can dream about is what Santa might bring but all Justin can dream about is getting a good spanking! No sooner are his eyes shut he finds himself in a spanking room with Mr JB Spanks and it's decided that what Justin needs is a nice long over the knee spanking.



"We would like to remind you that ALL Cp4men videos are in real time! There is no joining up of one piece of footage to make it look longer the spankings are genuinely the length that you see! Also as christmas is nearly with us I would like to offer this video at a specially reduce price as a thank you for your support through out the year.I will be flying off to Prague once again to film some more excellent lads so if you have any request for lads that you've seen let men know!