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Saturday, 17 November 2012

East Europe Boys Clips #1

The punishment continues. Michal was found drunk, he is ordered to take a shower and then punished with the paddle, followed by vigorous spanked by hand. At the end of the punishment, Michal is sent back to the shower, and then sent to bed


After just two hours from his last punishment, Michal again reports to the tutor, as ordered. Michal  is again made to strip naked, and had them put in the uncomfortable and humiliating wheelbarrow position, then punished with a dildo in the ass, and spanked with the belt and by hand over the dildo and buttocks.


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  1. Michal has one of the most extraordinary butts that you could ever see! In this video, Dildo College 3, the camera angles are perfect, capturing breathtaking angles of Michal's butt! Michal looks magnificent in the wheelbarrow position! Michal's true beauty is revealed. His best video ever!
    As great as this video is, I hope and pray that Dildo College 4 will come out next week and feature His Royal Highness Prince Lukas Liz! The Prince's ass is splendid and in the wheelbarrow position, Lukas Liz will make Dildo College 4 the best video of all time! Prince Lukas Liz's Dildo College 2 is magnificent!
    While you are at it, I am dying to see wheelbarrow videos of your other models: Filip (again please,) Josef, Daniel, Lukas K and now the new handsome Patrick whom everyone loves.

  2. Nothing like watching a boy take hard licks from a leather strap, while his hole is well-plugged. The force of each lick is transmitted down the shaft of the plug, and produces VERY intense sensations, indeed!