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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Spanking Central - Jacob feels the Razor Strap

Jacob finds out what it's like to get a real butt tanning in the barn with a razor strap in a Barnyard Blister'n production by Spanking Central. (Don't you just love that tan line)



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  1. I just don't get this studio I really don't there clips all look the same to me same setting etc. Anom 23

    1. Actually they are not all in the same location, they has a studio, which includes this barn, but there is also a classroom, a locker room, a family room, a dungeon and a boy's bedroom which they use for different scenarios.

      If you click on this link you will see a number of them

    2. Yeh I know there's different rooms etc but the overall movies feel the same to me. Never mind a

  2. Will Sebastian appear again in some new productions?

  3. I LOVE this studio...their productions are always first class and models are GREAT. And as for Jacob--i LOVE the tanline! Such an inviting target.

  4. Ok....... I'm glad we all likes different things are have different tastes

  5. See what I think it is that some people are easily impressed I'm not I'm very picky and like things to be how I like them by no means I'm not bashing this studio just a comment of my view I'm glad people enjoy this studio but it isn't appealing to me very much. Happy spanking jocks :)

  6. In regard to the clips and Jacob getting the Feared RazorStrap it my view that this was all classic .O loved the clips there was nothing left to ones imagination and this as good In addition the clips took one from the beginning to end the process was good too .I think Jacob is one of the best .I would like to see more clips that illustrate the use of the feared Razor Strap