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Saturday, 1 December 2012

East Europe Boys Video Compilations

East Europe Boys are offering a series of video compilations for a short time only 
until December 3rd

ARTUR COMPILATION  :This is a compilation of the 6 of Artur's videos, which runs for a total of 137 mins. Featuring severe punishments for young Artur, alone, or together with his friends, from the first punitive experience, Artur writhes in pain from the hundreds of strokes of cane, whipping, belting, spanking, (OTK). Even his balls and penis, are beaten. This videoclip will only be available for a limited time, until 3 December.

JIMMY COMPILATION :This is the compilation of the 4 complete videos of Jimmy, an 18 year old College swimmer, for a total of 60 mins. Punishments of an young boy, with the hundreds of strokes of belting and hand spanking. (OTK) Even his balls and the penis, are beaten. This videoclip will only be available for a limited time, until 3 December

TOMAS V. COMPILATION: This is the compilation of the 2 complete videos of Tomas, for a total of 31 mins. A young strong and muscular model, is whipped, on his buttocks, receives hundreds  of strokes of the cane and belt and hand spanking. Also includes genital punishment. This video clip will only be available for a limited time, until 3 December.


 A link to the SpankingBoysVideo US 18.2257 proof of age statement can be found in the right hand column of this blog


  1. Blonde Jimmy is gorgeous. His body is magnificent. Must be from all of the swimming he did to achieve perfection. The training4boys video is his best. After being spanked he is told to lie face up on the bed and stroke the penis. Then he gets up on all fours and crawls across the bed. His magnificent butt is shown in close up as he moves one leg and then the other. Breathtakingly beautiful! I'm sorry that he only made the 4 videos for the Master.

  2. Wow! Artur, Jimmy, and Tomas are all strong, beautiful young men. Artur's friends look like they are having a good time, too. Thank you for these videos. They must all be on an endorphin high after all the licks they took! Thank you thank you all!