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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Straight Lads Spanked - Jay Wooden Stick

This brand new male spanking movie featuring Jay gets straight to the point!

Jay is to get punished with the fierce wooden stick!

36 lashes in total!

12 hard swats over his jeans!

Then this muscled lad is forced to strip down to his tight white briefs which show of his amazing beefy bubble butt!

12 more lashes!

Then finally stripped bare, fully naked and exposed, Jay has to endure another 12 hits on his bare bottom!

British Boys Fetish Club - Liam

 Today's update from British Boys Fetish Club stars the popular Liam

According to Tony of BBFC, Liam actually scripted this clip. It is based on some of the role plays he has played as an escort. Spanked OTK, underwear pulled up his ass crack,by hand and with the table tennis bat. A little more OTK by hand with a bit of hole play follow that - opening his cheeks to reveal his tasty little butt hole. The wheelbarrow is next and after a good spanking he turns over in a reverse position to have his cock jerked.

Then head over heels with legs wide open and Liam gets spanked on the ass and on the ass hole as he he jerked. next he is made to kneel down on the couch - where he takes the chance to play with his dick as his ass is spanked with the belt and the strap, a last few strokes of the riding crop on the hole help him stay hot and horny. Liam stands up and jerks off into Tonys hand before he goes OTK and has his own cum spanked onto his ass and rubbed round and fingered into him. A final hug says it all for this incredibly hot clip




Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Reluctant Young Men - Scott Breaks Keith

New from Reluctant Young Men:  Keith is 24 years old, 6'1" tall, cute, sexy, edgy and straight.  The last time he tried a spanking video with us ( our June 8, 2012 update) he quit after part one because it hurt too much.  Now he works for us as an editor and he wanted  another chance to save face.  Keith is scared and nervous as Scott strips him down and takes him OTK.  Then using just his heavy hand and a wooden spatula he breaks his younger co-worker.  Keith is soon sobbing and whimpering, writhing and kicking his long sexy legs just inches from the station where they work together every day.



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