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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Mans Hand Films - Kevin's Dad

The iconic Man's Hand Video "Kevin's Dad" is now available as a download, both from the Man's Hand Films website and also from their store at Clips4Sale

Directed by

Kevin and his father, Charles, allowed our cameras to record this uncensored documentary of intense discipline action.  While Kevin dreads being punished by his father, he knows it is given out of love and affection.  (Their names have been changed to protect their true identities).  A classic video shot in Randy King’s inimitable style.

In the first scene, goofing-off and not studying earns Kevin a very long and intense hand-spanking.  This is followed by a thorough session with a leather paddle and a long-handled bath brush.

Later, when Charles discovers that Kevin has charged over $3,500 of stereo equipment on the credit card that was for “school emergencies,” he meets the handsome lad in his bedroom for another a powerful lesson.

Starting again with his hand, Charles soon introduces an arsenal of implements.  He uses a small wooden paddle, a hairbrush and a leather belt on the boy’s firm butt.  He finishes their session with a razor strop that starts the tears flowing, followed by sincere, loving hugs.

Available from:

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  1. man's hand are a classic studio and I really love the videos they make

  2. Too old seen it tho

  3. Some of Mans Hand Films videos are done well, but there are so many that 'seem' so fake. Like when one of the men being spanked acts like he's getting super hard swats, and it's clearly light spanks. It also depends on who they cast to be spanked.