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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sting: Tales from The Headmaster's Study. Episode 6 – A Repeat Offence - Video Trailer

Scroll down to view the trailer for the latest Take from the Head Master's Study - Repeat Offence

Alternatively, the trailer can be downloaded to your desk top by clicking on one of the following links

(When downloading from Sendspace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen - See illustration below)

The full download is available from Sting Pictures at the following link:

Tales from The Headmaster's Study. Episode 6 – A Repeat Offence


  1. I have a question?
    I bought a video from Sting about 1 week ago back from 2010.
    Anyway one guy in the video is now passed away i fully aware of that why dont sting edit him out of there videos? Out of respect i had to edit him out of the clip which made the quality lower i wasnt aware he was in clip i got it for diffrent Sting actors and Dexter i just find it strage to leave him in the clips other than that the video was sweet.

    1. Andreas, who sadly passed away in 2010, appeared in a number of Sting movies, he gave excellent performances, which he enjoyed giving. He had worked with other spanking studios and was an experienced actor who enjoyed what he did. It would not be possible to edit him out without spoiling the movie and also disrespecting the actor himself.

      Why should his performances be erased and forgotten because he is no longer with us? We do not edit James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor or River Phoenix from their movie, so why should we do that to him?

      Sting put a lot of thought into how to handle what happened and decided, rightly in my view, that the best way to honour the actor was to remember him fondly and to leave his performances as they are for people to enjoy.