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Sunday, 17 February 2013

A Feast of Jonathon (Part 1)

Unmistakably Jonathon 

Part 1 of a brief celebration of one of the most popular bad boys from the spanking video scene, the one and only Jonathon from the Magic Spanking Factory with a random selection of images and preview trailers from his many rosy cheeked performances.


 Four Times late for School

Jonathon thought he was going to have a peaceful few hours just lying around, little did he know that I had found out he had been late for school four times in one week! It was obvious that something had to be done about such terrible behavior. .........

Jonathon Deserved what he got

Jonathan rises late and takes a shower before "pleasuring himself" in the lounge when his Dad catches him. he soon finds himself over a parental knee receiving a  firm bare bottom spanking ........

Thrashed for his Insolence 

Jonathon receives a Christmas thrashing for failing to properly decorate  the Christmas tree

after which he tries to sooth his burning bottom in the snow

More to follow ..........

To find Jonathon's videos, just go to the Magic Spanking Factory and enter the word Jonathon into the search engine


  1. all of the clips of Jonathon are great He certainly has a beautiful and Hot Ass It also appears that he doesn't learn to well as he keeps making mistakes and he gets whipped for it but much doesn't change his behavior Perhaps it's time for The Paddle &Strap In addition he seems very causal about taking his punishment however his Ass definitely reflects his punishment

  2. That guy is in a complete class of his own. I think I have all his films and he is a joy to watch. I hope many more follow.

    1. I agree, I am in a class of my own :-)

  3. It's clear that j Jonathon has very hot Ass-and this is before and after his spankingsHe has a beautiful body and takes to the modeling very.wellIf this was real reality he doesn't appear to learn from previous experience in as much he sets himself up to get spanked over and over again

  4. When are we going to see more of Jonathon? Its been ages since his last clip, and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Jonathon is at the moment not available but I think there will be something new very soon.

    1. That's excellent news, I can't wait. Please put Jonathon over your knee for a long hard session with a slipper for being away so long.