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Monday, 25 March 2013

Footballers Out Of Control - Andy, Oliver & Jay - Part One

From Straight Lads Spanked: It is the football teams end of season awards ceremony! The team did well but some of players were not there to receive the awards! Andy Lee, Jay and Oliver had other things planned!
These three hunk footballers were caught with a prostitute in a Hotel room! There was also some suspicions white powder found in the room!

The team was shamed!

So still dressed in their smart suits, the three naughty lads are sent by the coach to see local spanker Mr X!

What happens next is over 20 mins of handsome straight lads slowly getting stripped out of their suits and spanked hard! It's bad enough getting a spanking from Mr X but a whole lot worse when it is in front of two of your team-mates!

This movie runs at over 25 mins long and it is only Part One! 
(Just wait till you see Part Two)!


"More from Mr X!: This was probably one of my most challenging movies to film so far! Trying to keep these three boisterous straight lads under control, whilst direct, film and of course deliver the spankings was no mean feat! I'm going to be honest and say that this was not my slickest of productions. Here is some behind the scenes gossip for you! Andy was never meant to be in this movie. It was meant to be Ben with Andy on camera duties. However, something happened last minute and Ben could not make it so Andy bravely stepped up! So that left me without a cameraman! So yes, occasionally other cameras or tripods come into shot. It's not perfect. However, I don't think that spoils anything. What you end up with is a very real spanking movie! Everything you see and hear is exactly as it happened on the day. 3 real straight lads facing very real and painful over the knee spankings"


  1. Hi ward its spankie. I was wondering if u guys were still going post the trailer for that last sting one.

  2. What's happened to Bailey? Haven't seen him in forever. Has he moved on?