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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Saturday (Sting) Spankables

A collection of Spankables selected for JockSpank by Richard O'Shea of 



  1. Great pics - the three black guys in the river look very fit!!!

  2. Great photos Mr. O'Shea! We share the same sense of beauty! The second to last photo is the best; it shows a black haired beauty looking at the camera on his knees in red underwear pulled down. Who is it? Where did you get it from? Any more photos of HIM in the same series, please?

  3. And Rich, while I've got your attention, complimenting you on your selection of stills for Jockspank's Saturday spankables, here's another issue. Your spanking studio is really terrific as everyone knows and admits. In my opinion, your best, cutest models right now are: heavenly Rudi Vallance, dreamboat Luke Radley and there is no one cuter than Leaonardo King. I'd love to see more videos starring: Lucky Taylor, Sebastian and Rowland!

    1. Hi Bastinado Boy

      I have passed your comments on to Rich and he has asked me to thank you, Rich is pleased you approved of his taste in spankables.

      Rudi, Luke and Leonardo are very popular actors who all enjoy working for Sting. Rich says he will certainly be using them again, maybe in the same movie if he has a suitable storyline. So you can certainly look forward to more movies featuring that handsome trio.

      With regard to the other actors you mention, sadly they have mostly moved on from acting. One is now married with children and others have new full time jobs doing other things, so it is less likely that they will return, but who knows what the future holds.