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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Trio of East Europe Boys Clips

The customer is still not satisfied, asks the master to punish the boy even more. Davide made to bend over a chair is first severely spanked by hand, then with a hairbrush, and finally with a wooden spoon.


 Domino is caught playing ping pong when he should have been studying. the teacher punishes Domino with the same table tennis bats first on his pants, then his boxers and then bare butt, after ordering Domino to bend across his knee.




Harry is severely punished with the hair brush, first on his pants, then his boxers and then bare butt, humbly submitting to the master . This is then followed by a vigorous hand spanking. Harry cries and tearfully through the whole punishment.




  1. I can't wait to buy all three clips shown above! The Davide clip is Part 2. An American customer pays to witness the East Europe Studio star, Davide, punished by the master. Already, in Part 1, Davide has been hit hard repeatedly. However, the customer wants to see Davide suffer more. See that happen in this clip. Next,
    Domino is gorgeous, I have bought his earlier wheelbarrow clip, which is magnificent! I can't wait to buy this one as well. Finally, Harry Cries. The preview looks tremendous, one of this studio's best clips, ever. Harry sobs, moans and the tears flow! First Harry is hit leaning over a table wearing denim! I'd like to see all the clips start off this way. Hit the models first fully dressed. Then the clothes are removed and his beautiful butt turns red and bruises develop! (Do red heads bruise easy?) Then Harry goes over the master's knee. Just beauty! Buy this one because Harry will probably never make another spanking clip after this one! He learned his lesson! This clip will be a major seller for the studio, I predict!

    1. The Harry-clip is really special, I haven't seen something comparable so far. There's nothing played, Harry's tears are real! Poor boy cried so badly that I finally had pity on him...
      I also think that we won't see him again.