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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Andrew Never Learns

Today's update at British Boys Fetish Club: What is it with these lads and the need to live on a mobile. They loose all idea of time and cost and before they know it they have a huge bill to face. And it is not just a one off it is a regular thing, they never seem to learn. Andrew is one of those lads - to engrossed in his virtual world to realise that the bill appears in the real world. 

Well he is about to find out the hard way that bills have to to be paid. He is told off in no uncertain terms before he is soundly spanked OTK, he has a lovely little bum and when he clenches it just makes it an even more attractive target. But as this is a repeat offence he has to be shown clearly that this running up of big bills has to stop.

So with his bum red from an OTK he is placed kneeling on the sofa, and after watching over his shoulder as the riding crop is collected, gets some tasty strokes to add a little depth to his lesson.

But even then this is not enough and he is told to stay still while the paddle is bought into play. This colours him up a treat and really brings home the impact of over spending. 

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  1. Sometimes the only way to get through to a willful young man is to fire up his behind!


    1. Jimbar - I agree that the only way willful young men learn is to be given a good Ass whipping Sometimes there is a need for a repeat performance in those caes these young men get there Hides tanned and roasted .It alays more servere the second time around I believe that a leather strap and a paddle are best used for correction I dislike OTK so a spanking bench is ideal.It goes without saying that all of this is accomplished with willful young men completely Nakedi believe it s best to start that way as well In this way there won't be any surprizes Awarm up exercise. Is recommended as well

  2. It s my view that some young men are slow to learn there lessons .Therefore spanking punishment needs to be the first order of business in all situations wherevcorrection of behavior is needed.I believe all spanking punishment needs to be on the Bare this isn't something that Can be negotiated in my view .This is the Norm and there are no exceptions to this As far what instrument is used in a spanking that is up to the spanker who is skilled at what he does My preference for first timers is the Strap If there is a second tome my choice would be the Paddle If by chance there was a third time there wouldnt the be much choice as Razor Strap would be the order of the day.I can assure you in most cases there wouldn't be a fourth time I believe in threeStrikes your out

  3. My old man believes in guys being naked for a whippin'- also believes in getting older guys up by the wrists and on their toes - he also believs in the tawse - how many and how long is his choice!!