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Friday, 26 April 2013

Eddie - Reporting for Punishment

Introducing new Spanking Central actor Eddie, who reports to the office of the Dean of Discipline for a sizzling hot dose of well earned corporal punishment.



There is a link to the Spanking Central 18.USC.2257 record keeping/ proof of age declaration in the right hand column of this blog


  1. With Eddie's clip on SpaningCentral,(S.C.,) I will now subscribe to it @ $90 for 3 months. Individual clips cannot be purchased, (although if Cliff were to put his treasured clips on Clips4Sale, I am sure that he would sell them like hotcakes!) I am paying $90 because: Eddie is gorgeous (maybe the most handsome D.C. model ever) and I want to download and enjoy all the Eddie videos, Cliff is retiring this year, (it is stated on the site. Cliff was trying to sell the business last year) and I presume that when Cliff retires the site will be shut down, (anyone know?) there are several other clips, besides Eddie's, that I want to download before S.C. closes, including those starring the dreamboats: Spencer, Tony, Jake, Nico, Chase and Justin! Sorry to see it go, I loked forward to the new clip every Friday. Good luck Cliff! You will be missed.

    1. I had not heard that Cliff was retiring. That is very sad, he certainly will be missed.

      Eddie certainly is a handsome lad, I hope he makes a few more movies before the site closes.

  2. paddled hot blond boy butt - awesome!

    1. The process is great we all know what going to happen and then we get to see iit this was awesome As far this blond boy Hiney is concerned it s hotter than he is .The paddle does it work well

  3. I agree with you April 28 about Eddie! Please Cliff, before you retire and close the site, more Eddie videos! The water in Encino, California has sure produced some handsome lads that Cliff found and spanked! Eddie, though, is the hansomest of all. More, please! I forgot to mention Anton in my earlier post of S.C. models. His clips, judging from the previews that I saw, are magnificent. Seth, too, has made some classics. Please put the individual clips for sale, Cliff. I only subscribed once for three months but now I will to download the greats!