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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Jonathon's Trepidation

Jonathon is back and he's nervous!!

Poor Jonathon sits there waiting for his strict father to come home. He knows in advance that his father is going to chastise him. Full of trepidation he is sitting on a chair testing the paddle that will soon be used to redden his bare young bottom.

 Hiitting himself on his hand legs and buttocks.......

 he realizes that very soon he will be very sore indeed!!

When his Father arrives he wastes no time at all in pulling the urchin over his knee.

Pulling up his already tight cut-off jeans Jonathon's father begins to give the boy a good hand spanking. 

 Soon his offspring is whimpering beacuse of the pain and no doubt embarrassment.

 After treating Jonathon's jean clad bottom to a good spanking his father opens the lad's jeans and pulls them down. Jonathons whimpering and moaning get louder as he begins to feel the force of his angry father's hand even more. 

 The boy's deep blue underpants do not offer him scant protection for very long as they are also soon pulled down.
When the father realises that his hand is hurting as much as his son's naked bottom he starts to beat him with the nasty hard leather paddle.


By this time Jonathon is really feeling the heat on his upturned ever reddening exposed naked globes and his howling almost continuous.
After pushing him from his laft the father gives the boy more swats while he is trying to writhe away on the floor.


The trailer can also be downloaded from SendSpace by clicking here

Lovers of classic OTK will very much appreciate this clip with good looking, smooth buttocked Jonathon as the recipient.


Spank Jonathon's bottom to visit the


  1. YEEEEESSS!! Great to see young Jonathon getting his cute bare butt toasted again

    1. And what a wonderful tush it is. Love to see it get tanned again

  2. I am glad to see Jonathon again. Looking as gorgeous as usual. Thanks for the clip Magic Spanking Factory :).

  3. YES YES YES a Jonathan post!!!

  4. Please keep calm, there will be more soon :-)

  5. It's alaysy a pleasure to see Jonathon spanked good and hard!

  6. Stewart Burston20 April 2013 at 02:31

    What make this even better is that Jonathon is in my favorite OTK position for most of the action. His bottom looks so tempting when it is displayed across Stephen's knee.

    I like the little leather paddle as well, please ask Jonathon how much that stung?

  7. That little paddle has a soft and a hard side. The hard side does sting intensely. The soft side can be taken for quite a while "comfortably"
    He would still prefer the stingy side to any kind of "woody" implement like a cane, carpet beater or wooden paddle.

    1. Stewart Burston20 April 2013 at 04:37

      Well, I hope you used the hard side on that naughty boy! :)

      So he doesn't like a wooden paddle? In that case I hope you use one on him soon. I don't remember seeing you spank Jonathon, or anyone with a carpet beater, what clip was that in?

    2. There are two clips involving a carpet beater. "Oktoberfest I" starring Jonathon and an earlier clip called "Bonsai Juice" starring Bonsai. If you clip above on the link to my store and type in "Carpet" in the "keyword search" then both clips will come up with a short preview.

  8. This clip is ridiculously HOT!

  9. Why can the interview with Steven not be seen?