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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mik in Private - A Spanking Session (Part 1)

Today's update from British Boys Fetish Club has no real storyline, just lots of spanking.  Tony of BBFC describes it as follows: 

After a long week I  like to relax a little in private, as we all do. This time I had asked Mik and David to come round. David had the idea that we should film it, he would film Mik and then Mik would film him. So thats what we did. And here we have Mik, who elected to go first - you will see David in a couple of weeks time. So what we did was set one camera on a tripod looking at Miks rear - a Butt Cam - and the other David had and was  roving around the whole scene. These are long shots with no edits, except when I move the tripod cam - there is no story just spanking.


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  1. Mik is my favourite and this video is the best he has done. Excellent !
    British Boys Fetish Club has improved since one year showing us little more of the face of the boy during the spanking.
    If I may express my wish, it would be even better if one of the camera was always on the head (The fixed camera was anyway showing the ass...)
    But again, it was an excellent work, even as it is

  2. I hope that house was sound-proofed! Excellent video.

    1. Sound proof or not this was a Classic Ass whipping as the Video indicatesWe also must remember there is nothing like the sound of strap or paddle across one s Ass

  3. Great spankings, neat knave, they rather deserve the effort to spin a plot;
    as for he implements, the loud yellow looks unnatural and rather distracts from the admirably-abysmally absolutely abject angelic adolescent arse, where all the attitude-adjustment (?) action is, hence the focus must stay.

    Keep it coming, with bare-bottom-beatable beaut boys like Mick!

  4. As we all know when it is a Bare Ass Spankingthere is little mercy anda very Hot and Sore Hiney is need result In my view Bare Ass is the only way