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Monday, 13 May 2013

A East Europe Boys Trio of Clips #1

After the previous Punishment, Pavel is expected to study, but with his behind still sore and ping pong racket broken on the table, Pavel swears about the teacher and stops studying. But at that moment the teacher passes and he sees and hears everything. As a result he decides to give the boy a more severe lesson. Pavel is made to strip naked, and then severely punished with belt, followed by a hand spanking, while his balls are squeezed.



Lukas encounters the bath brush. This really is a short sharp shock for Lukas. The first few strokes with the brush hit the mark and make him tense up, and here is where the real fun begins. He gets more and more animated as the strokes get harder and harder and in the end the brush wins - as it always does. Great to see his butt colour up in such a splendid spanking bloom. The bath brush spanking is followed by a vigorous hand spanking. (OTK), extraordinary when lukas must keep open the ass to get better spanked on his asshole




Vasek is brought into the room, by the master, for an immediate and severe punishment. Removed his t-shirt and lowered his pants and underwear, Vasek is severely punished with belt, followed by a hand spanking, while his balls are squeezed




  1. The hits just keep on coming from East Europe! First, we see their new big star, super-handsome Pavel Tom, getting belted. Pavel Tom stands throughout his punishment and he expresses his pain. Coming soon are two Pavel Tom bastinado clips to buy. Hopefully, we will see many more Pavel Tom clips made, with harder, quicker and more painful hits. Go to town on him! Surprise him and really hurt this cutie. More bastinado and wheelbarrow. Bring out the paddle and swing hard over and over! Second, in another classic clip, Prince Lukas Liz, with the royal butt, gets the bathbrush. The Prince's meaty butt is positioned perfectly over the master's knee and we see every inch of his rear as Lukas is hit. The master's strikes on Lukas are harder than usual which is a welcome sight!

  2. Pavel is very cute and he has a great ass ;)