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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Jacob Soundly Spanked

Today's Update at British Boys Fetish Club: Jacob stands there in his tighty whities waiting for a spanking he has earned. The stool used is deliberately high to stop him having contact with the floor and keeps him off balance enough to make him keep his muscles tight. The spanking starts on his underwear and the tight ass muscles make the swats sound perfect. When his underwear is lowered he already has a nice cherry glow on his bum. The colour deepens as the spanking goes on and in the end he has a lovely red bum. He takes the spanking well and gets a tussle on the head as he stands there rubbing his red hot butt.



  1. Great clips of Jacob spanking The only thing that might have been done different was those under pants would have been off from the beginning .Another words he would have been naked from the start The clips of Jacob discolored Hide were great

    1. JimBurke-I agree with Anonymous there were some great clips of Jacob .However it would have been better if Jscob was naked from the beginning .He
      Looked and great in his shorts but much better when they were at his ankles In my view when it comes to Spanking-Assehipping or what ever you want to call it Clothes just defer the process and make it more difficult .However when it s in the Raw there is no protection and it s Bare Skin from the beginning and nothing defers what needs to be done

  2. Jimbar --I agree with Anonymous TheClips of Jacob were great Jacob looked great in his white Jockeys but it was much better when they were taken down to his ankles His Hiney looked discolored and sore .It would appear to me that Jacob got a good Assi whipping .From the Clips it appears that the Jockey shorts didn't defer the processHoweverinmy view the process would have been easier handled and the result better if it started in the Hude