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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Jonathon's Bathbrush Punishment

Dad is not happy AT ALL! He discovers that Jonathon has not gone to school but instead hidden his schoolbag in his bedroom. Just wait till that boy gets home he thinks. Pacing the living room with a bath brush in his hand he is really livid. 
When the urchin arrives home and lies to his father at first his fate is sealed. 

 Jonathon has never had the bath brush before so in the beginning he is not too concerned. 

That attitude changes after the first few swats on his pulled up tight jeans. 
The boy cannot believe how painful the punishment is and wants his father to stop beating him.

His father though is determined to see the punishment through and says that he is looking forward to Jonathon's cries of pain and indignation when his jeans come down.

Soon the lad is feeling the wicked brush on his pristine, white, schoolboy underpants. The pain on Jonathon's face and his constant yelping just drive his father on to give him more of the same.

The father's disgust reaches new heights when he takes the boy's tighty whities down and sees that Jonathon is sporting an erection! 

When the brush lands on the boy's perfectly round, naked buttocks Jonathon thinks it is the worst punishment he has ever had.... 

Soon Jonathon's bare young bottom is glowing pink as his well deserved punishment continues ... 


At the end of it all he is told to kneel in the corner to cool his burning bottom and think about his deeds.

Video trailer

More from JustMagic: Although I didn't hit him that hard Jonathon really hated this punishment. He told me afterwards that I was mean not to have warned him about the devastating effect of the brush (he called it "the brush of death") and that he would prefer a hard caning any day!  ….. I think next week he will regret those words! 


  1. I don't know if he reads these comments, but I have a MASSIVE crush on Jonathon. (This video is older, so I doubt he will read my confession.) If he ever wants to come over to the US...;)

  2. Thankfully the comments are forwarded on to me. I will tell Jonathon of your massive crush. He will be pleased :-)

  3. Ha!
    I just saw your response to my comment. Judging by other comments left on Jonathon's videos, I'm not the only one that has a crush. If he already knows about my confession, then I'll embarrass myself further with this: I'm available to talk if he's up to it!
    Regardless, I like Magic Spanking Factory's content! :)

  4. :-)
    Jonathon is not really up to talking to people who are anonymous. He was flattered though :-)

    1. I'm happy to hear that he was flattered; maybe one day I'll be brave enough to discard anonymity. (Goodness knows I've been silly enough to make embarrassing comments!)
      I hope that you're both doing well! :)