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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Red Bottomed East Europe Boys # 3

The soldier Erik reports to the sergeant, to be punished. The Sergeant spanks Erik with the whip severely on his underpants first, then on his bare butt, then by another nine tailed whip...

 0091 ARMY



The master, still not satisfied, and decides on a new session of punishment. Vasek is again tied to the bed by his hands and feet and severely punished with the riding crop on the soles of the feet, he is then spanked on the bare ass by hand, crying all the time.



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  1. Bastinado Boy2 May 2013 at 15:53

    Every Thursday morning, this East Europe Spanking Boys Studio in Prague, Chezoslavakia, posts the videos for the coming week at Today, the 7 new posted clips for the coming week include 2 starring the luscious dreamboat Pavel Tom! First, coming to, is Pavel Tom's gorgeous butt getting spanked with a ping pong paddle. The paddle breaks over Pavel Tom's rear and the master quickly replaces it with another and continues the swats. The second Pavel Tom clip for release next week is so wondrful! It is like I am a child again and receiving a marvelous Christmas gift on Christmas nmorning that I have wished and hoped to receive all year! That's how good the new Pavel Tom clip is going to be! Pavel Tom enters the same room that he has been shot in before, with the big and long couch. He is wearing gorgeous worn denim jeans with several sexy holes! He strips and lies face down on the sofa. A breathtaking sight to behold, (again, a Christmas morning type feeling to see this gorgeous lad sprawled out, face down with legs extended over the top of the sofa armrest. We see his perfect and gorgeous butt! The master then strikes the upturned soles of Pavel Tom's feet in bastinado! Over and over again! Pavel Tom shrieks in pain! His head is down, hands clapsed inprayer for the pain to stop. But it does not stop. The severe, all-consuming pain, caused by the master's repeated swats to the sensitive soles creates in Pavel Tom a throbbing agony that he expresses in wonderful grunts and howls! Please master, you are on to something truly wonderful here! Continue these marvelous clips starring Pavel Tom. (I might add that I wish that the camera was positioned closer to the action because with the wide angle shot, you can't always see Pavel Tom's every twitch and tremor of his beautiful butt and each and every facial expression in glorious deep, throbbing pain! This makes classic male spanking clips. A beautiful model getting repeated severe pain that they were not expecting, over and over. Next, please release two more Pavel Tom clips each week. I will buy them all! Put Pavel Tom in the wheelbarrow, close-up angles of his butt and face. Whack him for 30 minutes over and over with the wooden paddle!