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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Another visit to East Europe Boys #1

Pavel is made to strip naked, and then severely punished with the cane, followed by a hand spanking, while his balls are squeezed

David is a new young student, and is already in trouble, and, is very scared and afraid.  The master punishes him for the first time, ordering him first to undress and then receive a spanking with belt over the master's knee, followed by a hand spanking.

1 comment:

  1. I hope that Jockspank continues; it's been really great! The year is half over. Here are my top 10 favorite selections from the prolific and remarkable East Europe Spanking studio:
    1) Hugo Belting 2. The master positions Hugo on a low chair to display Hugo's remarkable and beautiful buttocks! Hugo is repeatedly struck with a belt and the movements, reactions of his butt, the lighting, close-up camera angles are all masterful! 2) Davide 2, Davide, (always great,)is positioned like he is riding a horse. His butt is in the air, head bent low, sitting on top of a stuffed chair. The master proceeds to bastinado him leaving Davide breathless in agony. Then Davide gets whacked hard on the butt over and over. A work of beauty! THe punishment is severe and lengthy. Awesome! 3) Strip Poker #2, Michal is thankfully back and the master does not hold back. Michal kneels over a low table and the master canes him over and over. Michal seems disoriented from the intense pain and his beautiful butt stripes and turns dark red. What spanking clips are supposed to be. #4, Lukas Liz, he is so gorgeous. I call him the prince, because of his royal butt. When Michal was away for moths, Lukas was feaqtured every wee, in so many positions and punishments. Lukas was in the wheelbarrow several times which I love to see. The clip that I like best is "Lukas Liz bathbrush." The prince goes over the master's kneee and his highness' behind is struck on the cheeks and on the crack itself, all a beautiful sight to behold! 5) Pavel Tom Bastinado #2, Tom terrific is made to lie face down on a couch. His sensitive feet are struck causing him ferocious, intense pain. I love it when the master talks to him during his ordeal and Tom is forced to reply. You can hear in his voice how much the bastinado hurts! I'd love to see Tom get harsher and longer punishments. Really make this handsome guy hurt long and hard! More bastinado for wonder boy. #6 Spanking Army Boys 90, Pavel Tom again, just a simple over the knee spanking, not neven hit hard at all, but Tom's reactions and yelps of pain are very erotic. The master holds Tom's head up by his hair and we see and hear all the hurt expressed. #7 - 10, all Pavel Tom clips. They are all great because he is so handsome. "Shower" is good because the master is now hitting Tom a little harder. "A different punishment" is great because Pavel Tom terrific gets caned for the first time. I'm hoping that Josef returns soon. He is all around great, works for Sting, to. Last one was "Josef Cries." Looking ahead to more great clips from East Europe!